The trees may be browning depressingly, but there is one place where you’ll find plenty of green this autumn. Already seen all over the AW15 men’s catwalks earlier in the summer, green is indisputably in for men this autumn. Some designers went all the way with head-to-toe looks in vibrant shades, others kept things muted with understated accents in earthier, darker shades – the one rule? Go green.

If you’re not used to experimenting with colour in your wardrobe, it’s likely the idea of incorporating a fresh shade into your look is a source of nagging worry. You don’t want to look like a wannabe commando, after all. Or veer headlong into full Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle territory. Kermit the Frog knows what we’re talking about…

The good thing about green, however, is that there’s so much choice – with a few careful selections you can make this shade your own while still staying en pointe sartorially. Ready to embrace the trend without looking like a member of the Territorial Army or a background shot from Springwatch? Here are a few rules to keep in mind…

1. Don’t mix & match


If you’re going to go green, be consistent. Mixing and matching your green shades is a recipe for a quasi-camoflague appearance which is going to look, well, pretty weird. Unless you have an afternoon leaping out of the undergrowth planned (no judgement), pick one shade per outfit and stick with it.

2. Keep it muted


If you’re a chap with an adventurous approach to personal style, brighter shades with a bluer tint are A-OK (Google “jade green” for reference). In all other instances, however, we’d recommend shying away from bright greens which really can look intensely obnoxious, giving others flashbacks to that Fresher’s week traffic light party they’d rather forget. Instead, go for darker, earthier or richer shades to stay on the right side of visually acceptable.

3. Avoid colour clash


Tan shoes are a winning combination with green corduroys (shop our selection of tan leather styles online), while blacks, browns, maroons and greys also work well across the rest of your outfit. Team green attire with a more ostentatious tone, however, and you could find yourself in a world of trouble. Bright colours, particularly in acidic shades like yellow and orange can wreak havoc with a green garment, throwing your whole look off. Avoid at all costs.

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