The Tour De France is starting this weekend, on the 5th July and we’re pretty excited as the route comes right past us at Head Office on Monday! We’ll be cheering on Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome!!

Over the past few years, cycling has had a massive re-birth and a huge growth in interest, especially among Londoners. Good Ol’ Borris Johnson has put a load of effort in with the Borris bikes and from that, I think the interest grew.

Cycling is a brilliant way to spend a sunny day, exploring river paths, the forest or even the city. It’s surprising how quick you can get across town on a bike. And it’s a much nicer ride, rather than stuck on the sweaty underground through this summer. If you’re into fitness, apparently, the best way to stay healthy is to actually enjoy the exercise you’re doing. So not only does it keep you looking trim, it’s a laugh too! Score.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re on a bike ride, is appropriate footwear. Now if you’re cycling to work, you want something comfortable and light, that will protect your feet. Plimsolls are a great option if you’re cycling throughout this summer – lightweight, cool and easy to store if you need to change into something a bit smarter.

If you’re not so much of an adventurer and more of a spectator, keep it casual this weekend and stay comfortable throughout the sun, alcohol and cheering crowds. For ideas of what to wear, check out the Fish ‘N’ Chips Collection here: