Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Uncle Craig snoring heavily in an armchair, inter-family bickering, The Snowman on telly, your mum being passive aggressive, never being sure whether or not you can recycle wrapping paper… There are a few things which simply make a Great British Christmas the joy that it is, and slightly dodgy Christmas jumpers are almost certainly one of them.

But a spot of festive knitwear doesn’t have to be naff. In fact, if you’re looking for a stylish alternative to the usual tinsel and pom-pom bedecked monstrosity, this season’s collections are ripe with tasteful Christmas jumpers which will help you stay snug and seasonal without making you look like a prize plum – perfect for Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day on 18th December. Here are our favourite seasonal picks.


1. Reclaimed Vintage Christmas Jumper With Snow Scene, ASOS1A vintage feel is a safe place for any bloke who’s a bit uncomfortable about the whole “Christmas jumper deal”. A retro look instantly takes the Christmas jumper to a slightly trendy, slightly ironic space where you don’t have to worry about too much naffness. We’re really into this reclaimed snowscape option, with a limited colour palette and pleasingly chunky, graphic design.


2. Novelty Running Stag Crew Jumper, FatFace2A subtler Scandinavian twist on the Christmas jumper. This beauty steers well away from a novelty or trashy feel, keeping it highbrow with a solid, cosy print and a splash of seasonal good cheer in the form of some well placed running stags. A nod to the season, nothing cheesy.


3. Charity Polar Bear Christmas Jumper, John Lewis3

Another tasteful but festive option featuring a graphic knit animal – this time in the form of everyone’ favourite aggressive Arctic creature – the polar bear. If you’re getting your gear on for Christmas Jumper Day, you’ll be happy to hear that for every jumper bought, John Lewis will donate £10 to Bernado’s – the UK’s leading children’s charity.


4. Snowball Lambswool Christmas Jumper, Gant4At the more luxurious end of the spectrum, this graphic knit from Gant is made from soft lambswool, with a certain elegance of design which makes its novelty festive print look chic. The restrained colour palette also does much to keep this Yuletide attire away from the cheesy, instead offering a surprisingly cool Christmas look.


5. Star Wars Yoda Christmas jumper5Yes, we said we’d steer you safely clear of novelty. But if you’re a Star Wars fan who appreciates their novelty with a healthy dose of irony, this The Force Awakens inspired number will earn you nods of approval from other sci-fi fans and a smug sense of satisfaction that you’ve outsmarted the Christmas crowd.


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