A new barber can be a daunting prospect. You’re in a rush. You hastily Google Map local salons and barbershops. You read a few reviews. But thorough your research, a new barber is an entirely unknown quantity. Will he leave you looking like a hipster wannabe? Are you going to end up with a buzz cut that makes you look like an Army recruit?  Trusting your Barnet to someone new can be follicular lottery…

That’s why it pays to be prepared – and to know exactly what to say to make sure you get the perfect cut. Keep reading to uncover our five top tips for getting a slick new do which doesn’t force you to wear hats for weeks, no matter where you get groomed.


Don’t Try Anything Clever

If you’ve been flirting with a bit of a change, now is not the time to put it into action. With a new barber, it’s much smarter to stick to what you know, and what they can see you’ve had done before. When you’ve developed some trust and have had time to think about what you want from your fresh cut, then you can start getting more creative. For a last minute cut somewhere new, don’t try anything clever, just stick to your tested formula.


Have References

Perhaps you’ve got a snap of yourself sporting your style just how you like it? Maybe there’s a celebrity or a model who has a similar look? It’s a smart idea to give your new barber a visual reference point when you’re trying them out for the first time. It’s not easy to explain in “hairdressing terms” what you want your fresh cut to look like, which is why images really do speak a thousand words in this context.


Explain Why

Given a particular brief and a particular image, no two barbers or stylists will come up with exactly the same look. Explaining why you’re going for a particular style is another good way to get something as close to your perfect cut as possible. Is it a low maintenance cut you can style in seconds? Has it got a grungy vibe? Are you looking for a cut which slims your face? These pointers will all help you get the look you want.


Know Your Strengths

We all have things we like about our hair, and we all have less favourite aspects. If you don’t like your thinning temples but do like the way your hair parts or its natural waviness, it’s worth flagging this up to the person cutting your Barnet, that way they’ll be able to play to your strengths and help to minimise the negatives.


Embrace Your Lifestyle

Do you hit the pool most mornings and need a low maintenance cut which won’t look rubbish caked in chlorine? Do you need a versatile cut that looks smart in the office but edgier in your free time? It’s worth talking your barber through your lifestyle so that they understand what you need from your haircut and create a style which ticks all of your boxes.


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