What To Wear At A Festival

What better time for a Festival Style Blog on the Base London Manual – just as Festival Season is about to kick off! So if you’ve got tickets to some of the hottest festivals this year, then Pay Attention! As this time we have Kieron Watts, Style Consultant & Co-Founder of MenStyled.Com, showing you the best way to keep cool, comfy & stylish at any festival.

Like most of us, Kieron is a big Festival-Goer, over the summer season. With some of the best festivals in the world only a few miles from the big City of London, there’s no better time to grab a few day passes & get your festival style prepped. Festivals after all, are “A great place to unwind and lose yourself for a few hours”. Now before you start overthinking your “Cool, hipster-vibe” Festival wardrobe, remember “Less is more”.

Let’s start with the top – Opt for a “Bold printed shirt..short sleeve”. Colours & patterns can be down to you, depending on how bold you wish to go. Remember, it is a Festival – so the more colourful, the better. Top tip from Kieron “No Low Cut Tees” . Check out ASOS’s short-sleeve shirt collection Here – to find your perfect match.

Check out some ASOS’s top styles below.

For trousers go for a light cotton & pick a colour that works with the print of the shirt“. Keep the shade nice and neutral, as you don’t want to clash with your shirt.

Again, check out some of ASOS’s Chinos/Trousers to add to your wardrobe this summer.

Now you have the main part of your outfit ticked off, you can now focus on your accessories – “which are probably the most important part of making this outfit work“. Remember, even with how much you might like to – Festivals are not the place for over-flashy/expensive watches & jewellery. So keep to nice accessories of course, but maybe leave your ‘Pride & Joy’ Watch safely at home. You don’t want that flying off into the crowd mid rave. Click on each snap below to browse and steal Keiron’s Accessory Style.

Remember, not to over accessorise. “No wooden beads, board shorts or mankinis” – very wise words from the man himself. There’s also nothing worse than being stuck next to someone with a big rucksack at a day festival – so make sure to try and either pack everything in your pockets safely, or invest in a ‘cross the body‘ bag to keep all your essentials in once place. Be sure to pack some Wet Wipes and maybe a miniature travel deo (Nothing bad about trying to keep clean and fresh at Festivals).

Now to your footwear, make sure you stick with something comfortable & stylish. Remember you’ll be up and about, dancing and walking almost all day – so you want breathable yet fashionable kicks. We’d like to recommend our Perry Burnished Suede Chukka Boots.

Our Perry boots, have a crepe style sole, perfect for those dusty, uneven festival terrains. Available in a handful of neutral colour ways – so you can co-ordniate with any outfit vibe. Make sure to add some Suede Protector before you head out, so on your return you can just brush off what’s latched onto your shoes from your day out.

Now on top of all this, remember you’re there to enjoy yourself and have fun! “But that doesn’t mean you can go looking like a hobo either”.

To get in the mood here is a list of the Top 20 Music Festivals in the UK for 2019 – Click Here.

Whichever Music legends you’re going to see this year, make sure you take on some tips from MenStyled.com & see them in style.


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