If you’re a bit of a nutter and love something a little out of the ordinary, then this weekend’s World Naked Bike Ride could be right up your street.

Set to take place Saturday 14th June with six starting points – West Norwood (from 12.30pm; departing at 2.30pm) Clapham Junction (from 2.45pm; departing at 3pm), Tower Hill (from 2.30pm; departing at 3pm), Kings Cross (from 2.30pm; departing at 3pm), Regents Park (from 2.30pm) and Hyde Park (from 2.30pm). The north and south rides will meet along the way with all cyclists merging at Westminster Bridge and heading to Wellington Arch to complete the ride.

“As bare as you dare” is the dress code, but make sure you don’t start stripping your kit off until after the starting gun sounds! Not sure if I could go the whole hog… don’t think my arse would be thanking me at the end of the ride!

All jokes aside, this is actually a protest for something a little less publicly exposed: it’s a protest against oil dependency and the way the cult of the car dominates contemporary life. Maybe something not all of us really think about, maybe a naked body will get us to stop and think? Not too sure whether it’ll be about oil and car dependency though. Another reason to celebrate this crazy festival is that it gives us all a little peace of freedom to honour, express and show how unique, individual and amazing the human body is! And what better way to spend your weekend, naked in the sun on a bike? Right on brother. *Peace fingers*

Thinking of joining in on the nakedness?! Don’t have a bike? Have no fear, check out where’s best to hire a bike, here.

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old guy portland naked bike ride
Some of the sights along the way…