What Else Can I Wear To The Pub?

It’s the pub, so there’s never any reason to put your glad-rags on is there? This makes it very easy to slip into the routine of chucking on the same t-shirt, jeans and trainers look each time.

Below we (with some help from stylists at Thread.com) have come up with some options to change up your pub style to. With Paddy’s day coming up, we thought this was pretty handy timing.

Tip 1. Swap your t-shirt for a rugby shirt

Classic rugby shirts like this have collars, which results in them looking smarter than a simple t-shirt. But it’s still just one layer & has a sporty vibe to it, which keeps everything in line and environmentally fitting..

Photographed: Gant grey rugby shirt (£120), Levi’s vintage jeans (£225)

Base London – Freeman Weave (£64.99)

Tip 2. Go for a bold colour

So, this might just be a t-shirt still. However, most likely a majority of the guys at the pub will wear a neutral colour or a logo/brand t-shirt. Opting for a bold, bright coloured t-shirt shows that you actually put some effort into styling your outfit choice. You can stop it from looking too loud and brash by chucking on a dressed down jacket – like a jersey bomber or Harrington over the top. Finish off this casual style with a pair of suede desert or chukka boots.

Photographed: Fred Perry Harrington jacket (£175), RRL jeans (£215), RRL orange tee (£59)

Base London – Charlton Suede (£69.99)

Tip 3. Invest in a good pair of boots

Boots always boost up an outfit to make it look more grown up and stylish — without going too over the top. If you swapped boots for sneakers for example, this outfit would not look as solid.

Photographed: Mr Start navy merino jumper (£110), Research Garments white t-shirt (£15), Levi’s vintage jeans (£225),

Base London – Valiant Washed (£79.99) Troop Washed (£74.99)

Tip 4. Why not try a “Shacket”

We preferably call them ‘OverShirts’ — these shirt/jacket combos that are the perfect answer to the British Chill and a jumper alternative. They’re a favourite of ours, as they are easy to wear, comfortable and; if worn correctly – incredibly stylish. Classic combination.

Photographed: The Workers Club jacket (£160), Norse Projects navy chinos (£100), Armor Lux striped t-shirt (£39)