Dress for success

Dress for Success

All the over paid life coaches will tell you the same thing, the best way to achieve something, is to visualise it first. Ask Andre Agassi.

His girlfriend at the time was in love with Steffi Graff’s legs and put a picture of Steffi on the fridge door to remind her of her goals.

Unfortunately for her Andre also fell in love with Steffi Graff’s legs, later ditched his then girlfriend and married Steffi Graff. (True-blue effing story man).

We all have aspirations. The respect of our peers, the awesome role in a company or the 4 day work plan, treating your missus to that Gucci bag she has been singing about every time you walk through Heathrow. Sidebar – Ladies as a little tip for you regarding handbags,

If you’re going to spend 20 minutes in Gucci, tell your man to go kick back for a few. Don’t play the ‘just pop in here’ card, make a guy hang around a load of now-diamond encrusted dead animals for half an hour when he could be getting a nice pre-flight buzz going on in the BA Lounge.

I digress, but we’re noticing a ground swell of people now gravitating towards formal shoes, even in their business casual attire, in a bid to ameliorate themselves into the professional sector.

We can look towards the gentlemen riding life’s wave right now, see how they’ve managed to dress for success.

Elon Musk Style Shoes
Dress for Success Black oxford Dress for Success Slip on shoe Dress for Success Lace up boot Dress for Success Black derby

Elon Musk

Admittedly I threw Elon’s name in the hat before he had a mini altercation and got canned as CEO from his own company. Technically the boy should be facing jail time for ‘manipulating the markets’ with an erroneous tweet intimating his company has the backing of private investors.

But as my girlfriend cited, ‘Money can buy your way out of anything”. Beckham got off a driving ban because he hired Mr Loophole. Trump gets to silence Hookers which hush money, Musk gets off with a fine but still has a trophy girlfriend and more money than God.

You can see Elon Musk’s style no matter whether he is dressing smart, casual or black tie, he never compromises on his class of footwear. Wearing black oxford’s with a strong heel, saving the hi-shine patina leather uppers for the red carpet.

Most men would pare down some denim with a sneaker or brown suede brogue, but Musk is showing us that he means business, even when he’s going casual.

Elon Musk Style guide

Harry Styles

He’s just rubbing it in us baldies faces isn’t he with that hair. No man or child deserves a head of hair like that when there is such a thing as alopecia in the world.

Harry Styles has a very cool eclectic wardrobe. Varying from vintage-dress down, to boxy Hawaiian shirts to bespoke patterned suits and crisp velvet peak lapel tuxedos.

Often he has a slim cut on his trousers, much more contour hugging than the oversized jackets or shirts he’s prone to wearing on top.

However his formal game is often discerned with an exaggerated wing tip brogue, a considerable heel which props him up well.

Harry Styles Style Guide

Dress for Success Buckle Shoe Dress for Success Zip boot Dress for Success chelsea boot Dress for Success Black brogue

Eddie Redmayne

Not too on the nose putting the ‘red’ in the Redmayne style board is it? (It is? Would you prefer “Eddie ‘daa Maaaayne’ Redmayne”? Or “Get Ready like Eddie”? That’s right, it was the lesser of all evils).

Eddie distinguishes himself as someone with a deliberate iconic sense of style. He will be seen in Gucci trainers every now and then, but ultimately you’ll find that Eddie has a piercing sense of style.

Since winning the oscar for best Stephen Hawkings impersonation a few years back, Eddie Redmayne’s trajectory has been one of constant ascent.

Still with his cherub school boy looks, he has distanced himself from the ‘well if we can’t get Tim Huddlestone, we’ll just get Eddie Redmayne banner.

In no time at all, and with all the class and style of a discernible English gent, Eddie “Red Hot” Redmayne* has  become one of Hollywoods disarming leading men.

*Dammit should have gone with that one.

Eddie Redmayne Wardrobe Shoes

Dress for Success chukka boot Dress for Success slip on loafer Dress for Success Navy brogue Dress for Success Black derby

Cary Fukanaga

WHOOOOO? Was the cry of every James Bond fan the minute the news was announced that Cary Fukunaga was going to direct Bond 24.

Immediately Bondologists bemoaned the paucity of ambition from the EON producers, appointing such a low profiled director for arguably one of the most anticipated films since, well since the last James Bond film.

Fukunaga has proven after his accomplished work on the series True Detective, that his trajectory arc is one of a man on the up and a worthy replacement for Danny Boyle.

Whilst we await to see if Fukunaga will be an improvement on Mendes, at least we can soundly say his personal style is an immediate upgrade.

Dress for Success Black oxford Dress for Success penny loafer Dress for Success Buckle zip boot Dress for Success suede chelsea boot

Gareth Southgate

No glib listicle would be complete without the inclusion of Gareth Southgate. Gareth distinguished himself with the now infamous waistcoats and his inspired wardrobe choices were not just for show.

Gareth suits up on and off the pitch. He has an aura of professionalism that FIFA clearly recognised and this paid dividends.

Gareth is a very young personable manager, hugging his players, never berating or undermining his team. Yet in order demand the respect, he has to stamp his authority and no doubt his smart wardrobe played a huge part in that.

Dress for Success Tan brogue Dress for Success Black derby Dress for Success Brogue Dress for Success Chelsea boot