Tent? Check. Beer? Check. Airbed? Check. Back up beer? Check and check. Festival packing isn’t usually the most complex procedure for blokes. While pages and pages of fashion supplements are packed with festival style “must haves” for women, gents tend to get away with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and some Wellingtons at festivals from Latitude to Bestival, Glastonbury to 2000 Trees.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re into your fashion, festivals are a great place to indulge in a spot of personal style. All the way back to Woodstock, the iconic mother of all modern festivals, these huge events have been a place for expression and experimentation. If you want to look the part, these five style essentials will ensure you’re looking great while you wade through a quagmire to get to an overpriced burger, before losing your mind in front of your favourite band (in a good way).

Pack these five festival fashion essentials to get it right.

1. The T-Shirt


Your knackered old band t-shirt will never look cooler than in the midst of a music festival. If you’re not the proud owner of some authentically aged bandwear (or if the names on your t-shirts fill you with post-adolescent shame), consider investing in some decent band merchandise. Opt for something loose fitting and crew necked, unless you want to take your rock’n’roll credentials up a level by embracing a sleeveless look. You’re at a festival. It’s allowed.

Don’t dig band tees? Embrace one of SS15’s quirkier t-shirt looks to up your style ante. An all-over print is a fun trend which you can wear with confidence in the midst of 10,000 kooky revellers.


2. The Jumper


It’s going to get chilly out there, however thick your beer jacket may be. Layer up with a mid-weight jumper tied around your waist until you need it. We recommend a loose knit, vintage-feel crew neck number for extra style credentials. It looks on trend with pretty much anything. Easy.


3. The Shorts


Unless it’s going to be brass monkeys out there during your festival, opt for shorts rather than full length jeans or trousers. Long legwear will soak up mud and moisture like a wick, leaving you uncomfortable and rocking a grimy, mid-calf tide line. Slimmer fit tailored shorts are in vogue right now, but they will look a bit fussy at a festival. Opt for straight fit denim cut offs or sweat shorts instead.


4. The Mac


Unless you’re destined for Benecassim and warmer climes, chances are that the Great British weather is going to play merry hell with your festival, rendering wet weather gear essential. To look less like a hiker, choose something minimal and classic, ideally in a bold shade. While the rest of your festival kit doesn’t need to cost the earth, investing in a lightweight jacket with style credentials will really pay off.


5. The Shoes


While wellies or sturdy boots are crucial for festivals plagued by inclement weather, if your festival is mercifully dry, you’re going to want something lightweight, breathable and durable to finish off your festival look. Under absolutely no circumstances should you pack flip flops. From insane blisters, to broken glass incidents, it’s just not worth the risk. Instead opt for something comfortable and laidback. We heartily recommend checking out Base London’s Sound, Tent and Stage designs for something made for outdoor music events.

Which festival fashion essentials have we missed out? What has been your most triumphant festival fashion moment? Share your best and worst looks with other readers on our Facebook group.