The inevitable date is looming, February 14th, Valentines Day! And whether you’ve got a 1st date with someone, a few months into a relationship or full blown married – you’ll need to pull a good date idea out the bag to impress your other half. And you know it! So we’ve rounded some cracking Date Night Ideas & Styles to keep you in the good books and to not break the balance.


Date Night Ideas


  1. MOVIE NIGHT – First off we’ll give you a classic Movie Night idea – easy to plan, easy on the purse strings, simply you and your crush snuggling up on the sofa watching soppy, sassy films. Have the takeaway on speed dial, few candles and cushions and you’re golden..Or maybe make it interesting – and each of you gets to pick a favourite film the other hasn’t seen – no matter the genre. (Could go horribly wrong but hey ho). Keeping to the tradition, here are a few of the top ‘snuggle films‘.


The Notebook. 

A classic for Valentines Day..guaranteed to get the toughest critic teary eyed!

You’ve Got Mail

Reminisce about the historic time when email first got invented. You can’t go wrong with Tom Hanks either really..

Mr & Mrs Smith

‘Brangelina’ in all their glory, in the movie that fuelled their real life marriage. Just ignore the future divorce element of their romance.


Women love Will, Men love Will..So a happy rom-com compromise really.

Notting Hill

Would be rude not to include Hugh Grant in this list. A classic V-Day film for everyone.

Jerry Maguire

Even if you just want to just skip to the famous line “Show me the Money!”..That’s fine.

Paranormal Activity 

Because who needs a 2 hour mushy love story ey. Perfect for you ‘Horror Lovers’. This will for sure get you hiding under the covers.

Die Hard

Every guys favourite film. And ladies you get to stare at young Bruce Willis for a couple of hours..everyone wins.



2. RESTAURANT DATE – Another classic date idea for you foodies out there & a way to spoil your other half with grub. Why not book a spot at your favourite restaurant, or spice things up and try a new quirky spot to eat. We’ve listed a few of the snazziest restaurants in the Big City for some inspiration.



Oriental fusion restaurant with colour, space-age decor & interactive table-top menu. Why not!??


Opulent, mirrored club serving cocktails and Pan-Asian cuisine, with cabaret, late-night dancing & circus acts mid-table.


Opera boxes and gold drapes adorn this flamboyant restaurant, serving Turkish mezes and mains.

Bel Canto

Grand Italian restaurant in a hotel basement, where opera singers perform every 15 minutes.



3. HOME COOKED MEAL. Fancy yourself a whiz in the kitchen instead? Even if you don’t – it’s aways fun to challenge yourself. Why not impress your date with a home cooked meal!? They’ll love the gesture and gives you a reason to show off your cooking skills (If you have any..) Or make the meal a bit more fun and try and cook it together? Here are some easy recipes that’ll knock their socks off!

Date Night Recipes

Date Night Recipes

Click Here for all these easy, yummy recipes & more



4. Now to go with all that lovely food (or potentially burnt food, if you’re new to the kitchen).. You’re going to need some ‘romantic’ music to set the mood / or to distract from the burning pasta smell. Don’t worry about sitting there for 20 minutes trying to create the most impressive playlist – Spotify has done all the hard work for you. Scroll and pick one of their top Valentines Day Playlists for the evening. Can never go wrong with a little Boyz II Men ey?

Date Night Music



5. Lastly and certainly not least – no matter what plan you decide to go with, make sure your footwear is on point! You don’t want to ruin the perfect date by rocking up in a pair of tatty old crocs now do you.. Here we have a few of our favourite Date Night styles, however we also have a whole collection of shoes dedicated to that special Date Night style. So have a browse and take your pick!


Purcell Suede Navy Nixon Burnished Tan Flemimg Emboss Brown


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