Now as the winter blues are really kicking in, its gotten to that point where we all want to start booking up weekend’s away & holiday breaks! … Are we right? .. thought so.

So to save you trailing through endless sites, deciding where to go, we’ve gathered up a few top spots, for you to head to – to take a break from everything. More importantly, we’ve noted down the easy way to pack essential styles, in that small weekend holdall.





Berlin – David Bowie lived there for 3 years. If that is not enough to persuade you to visit Berlin, we recommend checking out Brandenburg Gate, Potsdam and Teufelsberg. You could also join in the Berlin Graffiti Tour and Workshop, or wander all over Volkspark Wuhlheide. If you are a fan of non-traditional tourist tours, Fat Tire Bike Tour might be the one for you. The tour will take you to a few interesting places in Berlin and the best part is that a nice dinner is included in the price too! What a deal!


Paris – As Audrey Hepburn said, Paris is always a good idea…so pack your bag and book a trip to the City of Light today! If you prefer trains to planes, we recommend checking out Eurostar Business Premier which includes unlimited refreshments and complimentary magazines. There is so much to see in Paris, we could go on and on – River cruises, wine tasting, cheese tasting, chocolate tasting, bike tours, galleries, museums .. there definitely won’t be a shortage of places to visit on your getaway.

Copenhagen  Is Denmark’s capital the new ”it” city? Good thing about Copenhagen is that almost all of its main attractions are within walking distance. We can recommend seeing Tivoli Gardens, Rosenborg Castle, Stroget- one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets for shopping to your list of things to do. If you are into cycling, interior design or street style fashion, we believe that you will enjoy your stay in Copenhagen.


Brighton – Why do not you make it a staycation this year? Since your travel expenses will be considerably lower, you will be able to spend the money on a nice hotel or on more upmarket dining. Chances are you will still have a good time staying in the UK as it does not rain as much..(hmm) and the weather gets warmer (ever so slightly) . If you want to visit an English seaside resort town, Brighton is the place to go! Wander the cobbled streets, full of vintage shops and cafes, people watch on the beach, be a kid again on the Pier fun-fair. Also. Make sure you visit The Brighton Palace Pier in the evening, for live entertainment and firework displays. If you are not a big fan of having fish and chips on the beach, why not visit The Salt Room for seafood and grill food.


New York – So you have already been to all European ”trendy” cities more than enough… Looks like it’s the right time to go to America! Going to NYC for your city break may be a bit overwhelming,  because there is so much to see in so little time. We definitely recommend checking out the obvious sights; Times Square, Empire State Building as well as basically taking in the amazing city by foot. Stroll through the city & across the Brooklyn Bridge to get a real feel for ‘One of the Best & Busiest Cities in the World’.



Think three words: diversity, comfort and style
What you want is the minimum number of comfy, stylish pieces that you can mix and match into outfits for everywhere you’re hoping your trip is going to take you.

Do a little bit of forward planning
Check the weather a few days in before-hand and think about what you’re likely to be doing. (If you leave packing till the very last minute you’re much more likely to over-pack.. trust us. You’ll find yourself adding lots of extra items into your bag ‘just in case’ it rains, gets hot, or cold … or you might head to an occasion which calls for this, this, oh and maybe that). NO. STOP.

Let’s say, hypothetically – you’ve got a day when you’re going to be exploring the city in the day and eating out in the evening. Planning your daytime and evening outfits for that day around a single pair of dark, easy-coloured chinos would be a smart move.



A casual, simple t-shirt, under a jacket (depending on the weather), will pair admirably with your chinos– and fit the bill very nicely for strolling through streets, museums and markets. If you are going to need that jacket, wearing it to travel to your destination will, of course, save you having to pack it.


Ft. – Jackets & T-Shirts.

Then, at the end of the day – after your busy sight-seeing day, switch into a smart/casual, plain colour, collar shirt and voilà! You’ve got your evening outfit sorted just like that! Add a  light wool jumper or jacket if the weather or occasional requires it.


Ft. – Shirts 


And when you reach your destination…
Unpack straight away. Hang shirts, trousers and anything else that’s got a bit crushed or creased in transit in the bathroom so that, as you relax in the bath or shower, the hot steam can send the wrinkles ‘packing’!


What Shoes to pack:

Shoes are always the bain of everyones’ packing.. but by far probably one of the most important items! We’ve teamed up a few selctions, for the best styles to pack for your weekend away. Whether, you’re heading for an action-packed / easy sight seeing / or completely chilled out weekend getaway.


Perry Burnished Suede

Clipper Suede

Vector Washed


Newton Hi Shine

Wafer Waxy


Morgan Oily


Ramson Waxy

Turret Greasy Suede


Now as much as we’d like you to – we can’t suggest you try and squeeze all these styles into your little weekend bag! So we’d suggest to pick two styles; or if you’re really stuck for space – then pick a style that can be casual & comfy by day, but moonlight as a more formal shoe. So now, we’ve done our job – we can now sit back and relax knowing you’ll be enjoying your weekend away in style.