It’s wet. It’s grey. It’s horrible. It’s the Great British Winter! Other countries may picture the UK under a cosy blanket of pristine snow in the winter months, but we know that from October-March it’s all slush, sleet, drizzle, mizzle, downpours and inside out umbrellas. At least from the hours of 8-9AM and 5-7PM, anyway.

Sometimes it can feel like the weather intentionally gets awful for the duration of your commute. If you have an important 9.30AM meeting, it’s going to blow a gale and you’ll have forgotten to wear your weatherproof coat. That’s just how the weather works, leaving us with no option but to do the British thing: Keep Calm & Get Soggy.

But there are some contingency plans you can put in place to get the upper hand, especially when it comes to your footwear choices. If you’d rather not arrive at the office with wet socks, but don’t want to turn up in galoshes, the are some smart choices to be made which will help you to artfully straddle the line between “totally office inappropriate” and “leakier than a busted colander”. We’re here to help you walk that tightrope and choose the perfect crossover soggy-commute-to-smart-office shoe…


Step 1. Choose your materials1Pictured: Stephenson Waxy

Materials maketh a man – and his shoes. To plump for the most weather resistant (but office appropriate) option, you’ll want to plump for a good quality leather shoe which has either been waxed or oiled, or which has a very sturdy grain. Wax and oil treatments will help ensure water bounces off your shoe rather than sinking in, while a sturdy grain will be thicker and hardier.


Step 2. Get sole2Pictured: Garrick Hi Shine

The thicker your sole, the less permable it’s likely to be, and the less likely you are to take it lying down from the puddles that get in your way. A thicker sole isn’t always the most formal looking option, so keep your eyes peeled for a low profile smart shoe with a well built sole in the same shade to find a happy medium.


Step 3. Suit it & boot it3Pictured: Hammer Hi Shine

When the weather gets REAL, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Boots are not an easy fit for work, especially in more formal workplaces, but with a little nous you can make a great compromise between heavy duty weatherproofing and smart professional attire. We advise opting for a brogue style boot which you can wear under your trouser leg to create a standard brogue style, or a sleek Chelsea boot.


Do you have any tips for crossover commute-to-office footwear? Do you wear boots to work in wet weather? Share your style with other readers in the Base London Facebook group.