Welcome to the Base London Winter Boots Style guide. We’re going to walk you through some of the ways we see modern icons of style wear their Winter boots that could inspire you to do something similar this Autumn/Winter.


Justin Timberlake Winter Boot Style

The Justin Timberlake Style Guide

For Winter boots and shearling combos need we look any further than the style tutelage of Justin Timberlake. His Fifth Studio album, Man of the Woods in his own words was inspired by his hot wife, rugrat and his upbringing. In his own words, ‘this time its personal’ lifted directly from the Jaws 4 poster I’m sure.

The imagery used to promote the album showed Justin Timberlake layering a leather biker jacket over a denim shearling jacket. He rocks the distressed, relaxed fit stonewash denim throughout. One should not forget the importance of having a couple of horses in toe to complete the desired effect.

We have incorporated the Base London Mortar Burnished grey to the look. It too features a shearling lining and with the cleated rubber sole will offer a secure step on the icy paths this Winter.


Winter Boots Ryan Reynolds Style

The Ryan Reynolds Style Guide

Ryan Reynolds has also made the red-check lumberjack jacket his thing. Adopting the Winter Boot with the suede upper and contrast crepe. Ryan has a casual default setting. He will suit up for those BT adverts, (before Watchdog banned them) but much prefers to dress an outfit down to his level. Technically a Winter Boot shouldn’t be anywhere near the red carpet.

The burnished brown boot is unorthodox when paired with smart double-reverse pleated trousers and long sleeve polo, but Ryan proves the Winter boot can be a versatile go-to staple.

We recommend either Base London’s Nevis Boot, or the titular Reynold Boot. Don’t you just love that word. Titular.

Bradley Cooper Style Guide Mens Boots

The Bradley Cooper Style Guide

He puts the Rad in Brad. (Thanks, that’s why I get paid the big bucks). Cooper has a very simple smart-casual style. He only adds layers congruent to his style, never layers of complexity for the sake of ceremony.

His staple piece is the bikers jacket which was emblematic of his recent IWC collaboration which we’ll cover in a later blog. We’ve included a Manfred Winter Boot as a close to comparison to his New York Street Style.

The is a simple yet authoritative and pairs evenly with Cooper’s navy and grey ensemble. Flat front trousers with no break, peak lapel overcoat, grey knit polo and taupe light cashmere scarf.

Tine Temper Style Guide boots

The Tinie Tempah Style Guide

Tinie Tempah is mainly a loafers and high ankle sneaker kinda-guy. He has a refined swagger that could easily be mistaken for Kanye-esque hubris. But the truth is he’s far more grounded than many of his contemporaries.

We know Tinie is a fan of Burberry, has done cat walks for Dolce & Gabanna, even a one-off collaboration with one of our competitors, Hunter Boots. Tinie delivers and an interesting take on how to wear the Winter Boot in a festival setting. (Lace up boots no longer available through Hunter Boots).

The Base London Partridge Boot would complement this Tinie Temper style well.


Johnny Depp Men of Style Winter Boots

The Johnny Depp Style Guide

Johnny Depp is the living embodiment of distressed clothing.

From his jeans to his hair to his feet, the disheveled, spaghetti against the wall look of Johnny Depp continues to flabbergast most fashion critics. Even when black tie is called for, he shirks the code in favour for distressed boots, which put the brand A.S 98 firmly on the map.

You too can achieve the Johnny Depp look by investing in hair plugs, shopping our winter boots range and draping your mothers tea towels from a jean chain

We recommend for your winter styling the Ortiz Burnished Tan or the Hornet Greasy Suede Boot, currently on offer for £40