Brooklyn Beckham Loafers summer shoes

In this article we’re going to focus on the best summer shoes for men and look towards some celebrities for some style inspiration.

Casual footwear is not exclusive to athleisure wear, pool party styles or beach BBQ’s. They can also transition to smart styling.

We’re going to show you ways that you can still look stylish in the warmer climates, from day to night without going home to change.

One of the most common go-to shoes for any man looking to venture out for the weekend is the mens loafer.

We’ve highlighted Brooklyn Beckham proof of why only good looking people should breed. He keeps the look clean and casual, but smart and elegant.

The blue flat front chinos made from a tactile mohair and wool blend. The Gucci tee is logo heavy, but that’s fine if it’s Gucci and you’re hot, young and looking for a sponsorship contract.

At Base London we believe the best mens loafers are always worn without socks to show off the styling, the quality and the tailoring of the trouser.

These are more than likely brown burnished Gucci loafers, we have similar stylings at a more accessible price point.

Michael Fassbender Sandals

Who says you can’t turn up to an event wearing flip flops? Michael Fassbender proves that mens leather sandals can also flaunted at day time screenings and events.

Brandon Flowers sandals

Brandon Flowers is also a keen proponent of summer shoes and keeping cool while on the move (see below). He is layering a blue cotton tee under a raw indigo denim jacket, with blue cuffed denim finished by dual velcro strap sandals.

jason statham sandals

Jason Statham is rocking a his sandals with a hot blonde half his age.

Leather Sandals Idris Elba

Idris Elba meanwhile looks every bit the style icon in his open front kurta, cream soft silk-linen blend trousers, finished with a pair of Italian leather sandals. A very fresh and cultured look fit for most day and evening events.

That Idris Elba sure gets about doesn’t he? It goes to shoe he’s got some range stylistically and isn’t afraid to try new things.

Increasingly we are seeing growing mens fashion trends where espadrilles are being used with more smart-casual wear.

idris elba espadrilles

Idris is seen here wearing a combination of canvas and leather espadrilles. Colour coordinating with his blue sweater and blue-grey flat front trousers.

A curious way to mix smart and casual is to wear a pair of espadrilles with some patch word denim, a white waistcoat over a denim shirt and polka dot tie.

base london suede shoes

Suede shoes can vary in formality, from really casual white sole shoes, to more formal suede brogues for weddings black tie events.

They serve as perfect summer shoes, with soft breathable uppers they’re conducive for warmer climates and can be the ultimate versatile shoe for spring summer.

sam smith suede shoes

Sam Smith leads the way in these grey suede shoes. It’s a very breezy casual style. The navy and white breton tee under a light blue-green turquoise jacket signifies hints of Parisian summer nights.

You can also turn this day time spring summer look into a formal evening wear.

Suede shoes celeb red carpet

See how Matthew McConaughey goes all out with his shiny brown Dolce & Gabbana suit, paired with some sleek blue suede shoes.

lewis hamilton suede

Lewis Hamilton also makes the podium with his navy moccasins, pairing the colour of the shirt. The carpet accidentally or intentionally, pairing with his suit.

Chukkas Base London Andre 3000

Whilst trawling Pinterest to find trends in mens suede boots we stumbled upon this incredibly striking picture of Andre 3000.

He’s really brought the suede look to life with his mustard linen shirt and green cuffed chinos. 

daniel craig chukkas

We also know that Craig Daniel Craig is a fan of chukkas.  Men’s suede boots are often well paired with denim. However, the look can be upgraded with a nice white fitted shirt, under a bomber jacket or cardigan.

David Beckham suede

David Beckham is flag-bearer for the suede chelsea boot. His style errs on the side of casual as he wears his with a plain cotton tee or zip up hoody.

Human Research Miami

If you’re heading on holiday and looking for some summer shoes, check out the Miami Wardrobe by one of our ambassadors Human Research on how he styles some of his Base London Summer Shoes.