We know most of you will love nothing more, than to crash out and watch the footy on the sofa, in your pants, with a cool box of beers at your feet. In which case, this isn’t for you. For the rest of you..We have put together a few of the top spots around London, to watch the Euros 2016 with the squad!


1. The Bar&Co




A Riverboat bar overlooking the Westminster sunset — could there be a more romantic scene? It’s a shame you’ll be missing it to watch the likes of Wales v England on one of their five indoor screens, with an extra TV on the upper deck! 


2. Barvarian Beerhouse 




Reignite the famous old rivalry at this German beer institution, which is showing every game across its Tower Hill and Old Street venues. Steins, pretzels, Bratwurst and an exclusive Euro package deal… just don’t go siding with the opposition.


3. Patch & Pause



Promising free shots when England score, these trendy twin bars probably aren’t stocking up on spirits. Nonetheless, they are showing all the matches, serving food from various countries involved in the tournament and offering some high-end package deals for City hotshots.


4. Hyundai Fan Dome 



Screening 45 games of the tournament, fans will be surrounded by 360° screens that instantly react in real time to every moment of the action. Whether it’s a wonder goal, a dreadful foul or a controversial penalty, you’ll experience it like never before, with each and every event triggering a unique immersive audio-visual response. Bonus: Tickets are free! And it’s right around the corner from Kings Cross Station. 


5.The Grand 



Renowned Clapham venue The Grand boasts the biggest HD screen showing regular sport in the UK (a sizable 24ft), and is selling hot dogs, pop corn and drinks during a selection of matches. Fittingly, they also have the largest pie warmer in Europe. Pretty “grand” set up for the Euros?


6. Frankies Sports Bar & Diner 



With two big high definition screens in the garden, and 12 more indoors, this upmarket sports bar isn’t going to struggle showing every game of the tournament. The brainchild of jockey Frankie Detorri and chef Marco Pierre White, its Italian menu should get you in the European spirit too.


..Or you could always just pop down your local for a few pints and a packet of pork scratchings instead. For more Pubs & Bars showing the Euros around London Click Here. 

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