The North of England may be a rubbish version of Atlantis right now (picture your auntie in a night dress and wellies in a big muddy puddle – not mermaids swimming through underwater kingdoms), but the weather in the UK this year hasn’t actually been that bad. At least not down South. Smug.

In fact, if you’re a regular Londoner like Team Base, it’s plausible that you’ve barely noticed the seasons change this year. Sure, it’s a bit greyer and you’re not out in your vest in the park on your lunch hour, but it’s not exactly been Baltic, has it? Well, that’s about to change, if the weather people are to be believed, at any rate. Winter is Coming. And with it the kind of temperatures you’d actually expect from January. Very, very cold ones. Are you prepared?

Layers of woolies, fleeces, anoraks and thermals are not commonly associated with the forefront of fashion, but a cold snap doesn’t mean you have to abandon looking top drawer. In fact, some of the best dressed nations on Earth right now are all about cold weather garb. And if the Scandinavians can get it right, so can you. To help you stay sharp in the cold, we’ve put together our helpful guide to beating the cold snap in style…


1. The Coat is Crucial1If you’re going to nail cold weather sharpness, The Coat is the crucial weapon in your arsenal. With spot on outerwear, you can stay snug and look ludicrously dashing whatever wincingly cold degree Celsius the thermometer hits. This season there’s a ridiculous amount of variety when it comes to on trend coats, from utility-inspired looks to Brit pop-channelling padded parkas. If you want to blend coziness with good looks, however, we’d recommend exploring a classic camel coat (take notes from Kanye), a sheepskin shearling option (for an edgier, vintage-feel look) or a well tailored black wool, double breasted overcoat (sharp and extremely versatile – opt for wider lapels and a belted coat to hit all of this season’s buttons).


2. Update Your Accessories2Under your en pointe coat, you could be wearing a clown costume and still look downright dapper from the outside. This means your focus should be on honing those items you can see. Hats, gloves, scarves. These are often throwaway items which you wear a few times a year and don’t give much thought to. But old Christmas gifts and scarves which have been on the back of your door for a decade don’t cut the mustard. Take some time to invest in strong, timeless winter accessories which are versatile enough to adapt to changing styles each winter and well made enough to stand the test of time.


3. Boot Up3Your feet are usually the first place you feel the cold, presuming you’ve taken our advice about your coat and accessories. Keep your feet warm and dry and you’ll be well on your way to staving off the chill. Opt for footwear which straddles formality to ensure versatility whether your commuting or heading out. A thick sole will help keep out the cold, while great quality leather and a higher profile will keep out the wet and the chill. Opt for a boot and wear over jeans for a casual style and under slim leg trousers for a more professional, winter-ready look.

Discover a huge range of good-looking, winter-ready footwear in our online store. Do you have a tried and tested formula for dapper winter dressing? Share your style in the Base London Facebook group.