If you’re out in the sun and someone decides that what you need right now is a BBQ, here’s the best places to get everything you’ll need:

Firstly, you need the bbq. Now you can either go down to the local tesco metro and pick up a disposable BBQ which is normally around £5.00 and lasts for a couple hours, or you can check out this sweet little deal at a bigger Tesco that’ll last you for however long you look after it. I think it looks pretty cool too, and it’s portable: Orange Retro Portable BBQ. A great place to buy coal and firelighters is often in local foreign supermarkets on your high street or petrol stations – they do the massive bags for normally a cheaper deal.


Then the food. Obviously, you need meat: burgers, sausages, chicken, steak, chorizo and a little bit of sea food always goes down a treat. But it’s sides that’ll take your standard BBQ with the mates, to a gourmet food fest that all of you can get involved in. Check out a few recipes from Jamie Oliver’s BBQ & grilling recipes, here.


Some of the quickest recipes that I always knock up for a BBQ:

  • Kebabs: lamb, chicken, vegetable, chorizo
  • Halloumi salad
  • BBQ’d pitta and dips: hummus, mint yoghurt, tomato & chilli salsa
  • Salmon cooked in garlic butter in tin foil over the BBQ
  • Barbeque chicken wings
  • Roasted corn on the cob
  • Grilled pineapple
  • Chicken salad with peaches – BBQ’d for best flavour and texture
  • Bananas with chocolate sauce – cut a line down the banana and stuff with chocolate, wrap in tin foil and cook for about 40 mins for best flavour. This is definitely my favourite thing when it comes to a BBQ!