More recently, I’ve noticed a big interest and a real nostalgia for the ’90s. Being a child of the ’90s myself I’m absolutely loving it. In my opinion, the ’90s had such a big and beautiful character, something that I feel is lacking in the 21st Century. Full of colour, mad style, long hair, the ‘curtains’ hair cut, the t.v shows, tape players, VHS, raw talent and real musicians, the rise of the internet, the movies, the catch phrases, FRIENDS, the dialect, the game consoles, the list goes on…








The awful truth is the ’90s were 20 years ago. This, I feel, is a long enough time to start bringing the ’90s back. Base London launched in 1995 and aimed to gain the following of British males with a keen sense of fashion. We introduced a somewhat previously unfound, branded footwear option to the high street for the very first time. Before this, guys were faced with only high end designer or own label products.

Base London was launched at the same time as guys began to have their style dictated by dedicated men’s fashion magazines, television and celebrities, sculpting not only their look, but also their attitude and confidence.

We want to bring back the naughty ’90s and bring back everything we love from when we first started out. If you’re a child of the ’90s or remember us when we first began, or even just have a passion for anything ’90s – tell us what you loved about the era, what stands out for you, what we were doing that you loved and any fashion regrets you had from back in the day!

We want to hear from the beautiful people that help make Base London what it is and really do keep us going strong!



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