“They” keep telling us that print media is dead. If you like to keep up to date with men’s fashion, but are one of the many millions of consumers no longer buying physical magazines, where do you go for your style fix? We’ve sourced the best 7 Men’s Fashion magazines to solve your quandry…

1. Pause

Box park London Men's Fashion Magazines


Fashion news, celebrity fashion, street style, exclusive interviews, more trainers than you could covet in a lifetime. UK based Pause is packed with masculine style excellence, with a slant towards fashion’s more youthful end of the spectrum. Sleek and well presented, this is a free online mag worth the space on your bookmarks bar.

2. F*cking Young

David Beckham Tattoos Black and White Men's Fashion Magazines

Don’t worry about this online men’s fashion magazine’s title, there’s good stuff here for fashion-conscious blokes of all stripes and all ages, including everything from the best affordable collections at high street staples, to high end and haute couture creations if your look’s a little more out there.

3. The Fashionisto

Suit Jacket T-shirt Fashionisto Men's Fashion Magazines


US based but rammed with eye-catching picks and even better photography, The Fashionisto is a top drawer online men’s fashion magazine, stocked with the latest stuff fresh off the runway. With exclusive editorials and interviews with designers, models and other fashion publications, this online mag gives blokes the best of men’s fashion distilled in one swanky digital place.

4. The Coolector

Mountains smoke Men's Fashion Magazines


Do you dig lesser-known brands with a slightly edgier look? The Coolector is a great source of inspiration, featuring menswear brands you need to know about, but don’t yet. If you’re into the Coolector’s particular style, your bank balance is going to regret you ever reading this blog. With sections for design, tech and lifestyle too, there’s lot to love about this online men’s magazine.

5. The Valet

Valet Men's Fashion Magazines


Appreciate the finer things in life? Cultivate a well-groomed, high-end style? The Valet is the digital men’s magazine for you. From unstructured sports coat style primers, to identifying the perfect chinos, this is a website for chaps who like to look classically sharp, with no muss or fuss.

6. Esquire

Raw Denim Boots Men's Fashion Magazines


One of the few old classic men’s mags that you can now access online for free. Expect the ususal, excellent gamut of top fashion goodness, interesting articles and cutting edge updates. And yes, there are beautiful women in the online version too.

7. GQ

GQ Boating Yacht Hair Men's Fashion Magazines


And if we’re going to mention Esquire, we need to remind you that GQ can be accessed for free online too. Sleek and contemporary, with tonnes of extra features if you’re not solely fashion-focussed, Gentleman’s Quarterly is still going strong.

Which men’s fashion magazines are on your bookmarks bar? Where do you go for fresh fashion online? Share your picks with other blokes via our Facebook page.