7 Shoe Styles Set to Kick it for 2017

The runners and riders for Shoe Styles Set to Kick it for 2017 have just been unveiled. Take the phone off the hook, put down that nudie magazine, bung on the Bullseye Prize board theme tune and absorb, the 7 Key Men’s SS17 Footwear Trends churning the rumour mills right now.


7 Key Men's SS17 Footwear Trends Desert Boots
Base London – Charlton Suede Navy.

Influencers have predicted an auspicious 2017 for the Desert Boot. Following on from its early renaissance last summer, there has been a monumental sea change from the foot industry to emigrate from poor quality mass produced shoes, in favour of classic craftsmanship and premium materials. The Desert Boot still offers guiltless versatility, mutually paired with cuffed denim or Bermuda shorts.

7 Key Men's SS17 Footwear Trends Desert Boots
Base London – Charlton Suede Old Gold


7 Key Men's SS17 Footwear Trends White Trainers
Base London – Freeman Weave White.

The white sneaker trend is starting to become the journeyman of the catwalk. With no signs of its popularity waning, it looks to be the key staple for everyman’s footlocker for the year ahead. The distressed whites from Golden Goose, and the exorbitant Common Projects Achilles, have yet to imbue the mainstream consumer. The high price point may have eschewed the average joe from investing, but these Base London Freeman Weave White luxe sneakers come in at a much more modest price point.

77 Key Men's SS17 Footwear Trends White Sneakers


7 Key Men's SS17 Footwear Trends
Base London – Panama Washed Tan.

Whilst people still have a mania for no-show socks, this has complimented the Tassel Loafer trend, highlighting fine tailoring and the detailing of the shoes themselves. Composed either from leather or suede uppers and with an undeniable rakish allure, the Tassel Loafer is ubiquitous around the inner cities. In the past the likes of Crockett and Jones have been blissfully insouciant with their velvet loafers, but with the foot tattoo becoming increasingly in-vogue, a simple semi-formal slip-on is more congruent and has yet to be usurped.


7 Key Men's SS17 Footwear Trends
Base London – Alfie Hi Shine Tan.

Previously on Double Monk Strap Watch, “…the monk strap has a difficult time being placed in either the formal or casual ends of the shoe-wearing spectrum. Considered too casual to be worn with a suit and too formal for many casual environments”. 

These ungrounded rumours are fake news ok. We’re going to make Double Monk Strap shoes great again ok. The burnished tan hues are still tip of the spear going into the new season, however the burgundy shades are on the move again and now fused with the summer wedge sole, it’s a shoe that is leaving us constantly second guessing.

7 Key Men's SS17 Footwear Trends
Base London – Alfie Hi Shine Black


7 Key Men's SS17 Footwear Trends Chelsea Boot
Base London – Ferdinand Suede Taupe

The Chelsea Boot has remarkable staying power and is set to dig its heels into 2017 with unalloyed permanency. The elasticated sides remain its core and thanks to the Crepe Sole Revival (did they support Creedence and Clearwater?) it’s added a more contemporary flavour. The cleated soles are becoming increasingly marginalised but should not be ruled out from making a comeback later in the year.


7 Key Men's SS17 Footwear Trends Brogue
Base London – Turner Hi Shine Tan.

The old ones are the best. Unless you’re talking about that odious turd Madonna and her tribal feminist rhetoric. One style that’s impervious to any political backlash is the Classic look. A traditional British Derby, brogue detailing complimented with some outrageously quirky socks is in the pocket right now. This season look out for a slimmer rubber fashion sole. It’s less imposing that yet equally refined and will be front and centre (to coin a better Americanism) in most style guides this year.

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7 Key Men's SS17 Footwear Trends Sandals
Base London – Apollo Sandals.

Sandals are cropping up all over the bloggers-sphere currently thanks to the fashion curfew being lifted on the ‘socks with sandals’ debacle. Previously the fashionista’s staple-diet shoe was merely a fair weather friend that looked to Phil the Groundhog to predict the length of winter. But once the modern day haberdasher of sartorial acceptance (Beckham) was seen rocking the controversial combo, it’s open season for all.

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