There are some general rules of common decency which should be observed when hitting the gym. From exposing too much, to overdoing the fancy gear, there’s a delicate line to tread when it comes to workout wear.

Fortunately, getting it right is pretty straightforward, as long are you’re not committing any of these 6 horrendous fitness fashion crimes. Are you a culprit…?


1. Short shorts


Picture the scene, if you will. A gym. A sweaty gentleman astride a rowing machine. The shortest shorts humanity has ever seen. A vigorous repetition… It doesn’t bear thinking about, so don’t afflict your fellow gym-goers with a mental image which will haunt them all week, OK? It’s not cool, no matter how much freedom your short shorts afford you.


2. Bandanas


Where do you think you are? The exercise yard at Louisiana State Penitentiary? There’s no excuse for dodgy headwear in the gym. Bandanas mark you out as a wannabe hardman with none of the credentials, while the often-sighted ribbed beanie makes no sense for anyone doing anything relating to sweat. Take it off, now.


3. Neon


The beauty of the gym is that you can get your exercise on without coming into contact with traffic. Thus, visibility is not an issue on an indoor treadmill. That means there’s no excuse for wearing anything reflective or neon, no matter how dynamic it makes you feel in your spinning class. Refrain, please.


4. Toe Trainers


We feel weird just talking about these. But they’re not just creepy and gross, they’re also a serious instance of “all the gear no idea”. Even in cases where the offending party does have an idea, these horrific items of footwear are pure pretentiousness. Never, ever, ever.


5. Skimpy Vests


Nobody wants to see your nipples bisected by two strands of dental floss. Basically, anything which makes you look like a failed WWE wrestler is not acceptable in a public gym context. Or anywhere in life, really.


6. Motivational T-Shirts


‘Nuff said.


Which workout wardrobe no-go is your ultimate pet hate? Which sins on our list are you guilty of? Share your two cents on the Base Facebook page.