It’s sweaty season. Temperatures may not have climbed back up to their sweltering furnace-like June peak, but it’s still pretty warm out there, gentlemen. Whether you’re crammed into the tube like a moist sardine or walking the city, oozing in the beating sun, these 6 grooming hacks will keep you cool even when the thermometer hits 30.

1. Invest

1Your grandfather may wear them in the winter, but if you want to keep cool, layering up with a vest is actually a pretty good option, especially if you want to avoid that whole triangular back sweat situation.

Modern vests have made it possible to prevent sweaty marks and keep yourself cool simultaneously, with advanced fabrics that absorb moisture and reduce sweatiness. Don’t opt for a traditional cotton number, instead invest in a version designed for hot weather or sports use.

2. Defend
2It’s worthwhile spending a little more on a good deodorant when summertime rolls around, trust us. You can do a lot better than Dove. If you’re really suffering with your pits, there are lots of over-the-counter medically formulated options which will stop sweat in its tracks, while snazzier brands like Clinique, Lacoste and Bulldog also have some good smelling, effective options available.

3. Take it up a notch

If a medically formulated deodorant doesn’t do the trick, consider looking into “dress shields”. These are effectively underarm sweat absorbers which you can sew or affix to the inside of t shirts and shirts (or strap around your arm) to prevent visible sweat patches. There are lots of varieties out there, so do your homework to find the best type for your body.

4. Say goodbye to gum

4In hot conditions, hair wax, gum and mud have a pretty hard time, sometimes even resulting in molten hair product making it as far as your forehead. To beat the heat and keep your hair looking just right, opt for a sea salt spray instead – with zero melting potential!

5. Go traditional

If there’s one thing worse than a beaded upper lip, it’s needing to wipe it off on your cuff or t-shirt. All humans sweat, so when you do, do it in style with a traditional handkerchief – your grandpa knew a thing or two, you know.

6. Cool runnings
6The cooler you can keep your whole body, the better. From breathable fabrics, to short sleeves, factoring the heat into your outfit will help you remain chill even when the sun is scorching. Our collection of woven shoes are perfect for cool feet in hot weather. From the office, to the beach, these light and open shoes will ensure your feet feel the breeze, keeping you cool from the bottom up. Shop our summery, woven collection here.

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