You could be the most non-judgemental, non-superficial, zen-like individual in the universe, but sometimes those little visual niggles just get to you. Even if you’re taking the female equivalent of the Dalai Lama out to dinner, she’s probably going to notice these 5 fashion errors – and judge you accordingly. Don’t take the risk. Read our list and fix your fashion issues first…

  1. Dreadful Socks


From the unmatched and the mismatched, to the too long, too short, too holey and too yellowed – there is an abundance of ways in which you can make a real sock snafu. You may think they’re carefully concealed within your trousers, but socks have a way of peeping though and they can speak volumes about a man. Bad socks speak of a lack of care about your appearance, a certain level of thoughtlessness or even big fat slobbiness. Take a look at our favourite socks for 2015 if you need a few pointers and remember this one rule: Saggy white socks are unpardonable.

  1. Too-Short Ties


What is this, amateur hour? An inexpertly tied tie can look comedically bad and instantly undermine your masculinity. A too-short tie is pure secondary school, which means you need to sort it out, pronto. Real men tie ties properly, with authority – and women notice. Take a look at this handy guide to get it right.

  1. Ill-fitting Suits

Man wearing oversized suit

If you’ve gone to the effort of suiting up, chances are you’ve already won some brownie points. But an ill-fitting suit is a pretty heinous thing. From too baggy in the shoulder, to unflatteringly tight around the thigh, there’s nothing like a badly fitting suit for highlighting your physical flaws.

A bad suit can make the most toned physique look tubby and the most substantial blokes look like poindexters. Get it right and it’s a home run, but unless you can afford the luxury of a personally tailored suit, it’s ony too easy to get it wrong – and women notice.

  1. Too Tight T-shirts


Depending on the woman in question, this could be a big mistake or a sure-fire winner, either way, too tight and your attire will not go unnoticed. For many women, pectoral-enhancing clothing suggests a certain amount of shallowness and vanity (just how much protein powder did you drink to pile on those pecks, my friend?). For others it’s a signal that you’re, well…super buff. Tread carefully and keep it a little less skin-tight for a classier first impression. 

  1. Holes, Stains, Tears, Rips & Scuffs


For the right lass, these could be endearing but, in most contexts, it looks like you a) Don’t care about your date b) Can’t look after yourself c) Live a life of abject slobbery d) Can’t survive without your mummy. There’s no excuse for damaged, frayed old togs. Keep a vigilant eye and, if you struggle with this sort of stuff, ask your most long-suffering mate to give you the once over before you leave the house.

Are you guilty of any of these fashion mistakes? Has a date ever pulled you up on your sartorial choices? Share your stories over on the Base Facebook page.