A man of many styles and sounds, but eternally cool in every guise and incarnation, the late David Bowie was an inspiration to millions across borders, cultures, classes, genders and generations. A fashion renegade who channeled the Zeitgeist, while making each look his very own, Bowie was a fashion and music chameleon and experimenter, with a signature voice and uniquely identifiable image, whatever genre he dabbled in and trend he explored.

To celebrate the life of one of pop culture’s greatest heroes, we look back at Bowie’s best looks, from his 60s flower child days, through the outrageously glam years, through his muted, but desperately cool 90s minimalism, up until the present day.


1. The 60s

1Often associated with loud fashion and off-the-wall styling, the 60s were a quieter fashion era for David Bowie, then known as David Jones and appearing as a member of The Konrads. The ultimate fashion bandwagon jumper (and then envelope pusher), Bowie embraced mod fashion and gave some seriously good hair in the process.


2. The Early 70s1For a man who loved to play with gender norms, sexuality, masculinity and femininity, the glam rock infused early 70s were a potent decade in the evolution of Bowie’s style. With the development of Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust, a bold, outrageous, highly experimental and utterly unapologetic fashion icon was born.


3. The Late 70s1The death of Ziggy Stardust in 1974 saw Bowie become increasingly interested in soul music, ditching his garish glam for his Thin White Duke persona, adopting a dandy-esque style, epitomised by sharply tailored monochromatic suits.


4. The 80s

With the 80s came New Romanticism and, at the forefront of the wave was Bowie, returning once again to eye-popping costumes and a renegade approach to the fashion of the era. Best represented by his Pierrot character, a sad clown with a cabaret feel, this was a creative period for Bowie’s style.


5. Modern Bowie1Artful, minimalist, immaculate. From the 90s onwards, Bowie said goodbye to flamboyance in his sartorial choices and opted for absolutely exquisitely tailored pieces in muted colours, put together with a sophisticated eye for fashion, developed over his many decades in the spotlight. With a tiny touch of flair in each outfit which kept this fashion trailblazer enduringly on the front lines of style, the Bowie of latter years was never knowingly overstated, but eternally en pointe.


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