Cauliflower ears, mouthguards, muddy shorts – raw masculinity aside, the beautiful game that is rugby is not exactly the most glamorous of sports. Yet, with some of the world’s most fashionable nations competing in the Rugby World Cup (sorry Wales, it’s not you), it’s only natural that a certain amount of suave is to be found among rugby’s finest fellers. With the World Cup in full swing, we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate the more stylish side of the sport. Here are five of the game’s best dressed blokes…

Dan Carter
The current All Blacks big hope certainly knows how to scrub up well. A spokesmodel for brands including Phillips, Carter is routinely listed among the world’s suavest gents, topping E!’s world’s sexiest men list at number 11. Classically cool, Carter is headed to Racing 92 following his final international tournament with New Zealand this year.

Sébastien Chabal

2He may be a wild man on the pitch, but Chabal’s rebellious aesthetic looks unexpectedly suave away from the melee. The former French international’s black caveman locks and brooding vibe, along with more than a dash of French style, make Chabal a serious fashion contender within the rugby world.

Martin Offiah
3He may have graced a dozen telly shows since his departure from the England squad in nineties and professional rugby a decade later, but this is one rugby player who seriously knows how to scrub up. With a nattier, more colourful take on fashion, Chariot Offiah is still staying ahead of the pack.

Thom Evans
4After sustaining a tragically early career-changing neck injury back in 2004, the former Scottish international did not step back from public life. Today Evans is a successful male model and actor with just as many fashion credentials as tries.

Jonny Wilkinson

5No stranger to a well-tailored suit, CBE owning Wilkinson has transitioned effortlessly from England captaincy to punditry and has even launched his own fashion label, Fineside.

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