Rules are made to be broken. Without a little fashion rebellion, we’d all still be wearing ruffs. From never wearing pink, to always wearing socks, there are some once staunchly held men’s fashion dogmas which have thankfully gone the way of the dodo. Find out which recent fashion frontiers are now wide open and asking to be breached…

Thou Shalt Always Wear Socks
The tyrrany of the sock is now drawing to an end. From our continentally inspired Tent Weave casual kicks, to these superb bullet-tasselled Larkin loafers, there are some shoes which simply look better sockless. Worn with a rolled trouser cuff and a decent dose of chilled out charm, a sock-free look is a fresh fashion essential to have in your weekend wardrobe.


Thou Shalt Not Wear Pink
Not comfortable in your masculinity or suffering some severe sunburn? Well, pink may still not be the shade for you. For the rest of us though, pink is now a solid fashion choice, particularly when worn with some serious swagger, like this Feraud beauty. We are 21st century gents, after all, the whole colour spectrum is ours to be made suave as hell.


Thou Shalt Not Mix Black & Brown

3Yet more colour-based stupidity that fashion forerunners have rendered obsolete. In fact, a brown and black combo is a great way to give a monochrome look more depth, and to create a strong autumn look. Forget what you heard, brown does go with black.


Thou Shalt Match Thy Belt & Shoes


If there was ever a good reason to tear up the rulebook, this kind of stupid, outdated rule is it. Who do you know that actually matches their shoes to their belt? How many belts and pairs of shoes would you need to make this practical? Ridiculous. Of course, if you did want to abide by this old-fashioned commandment, we stock shoes in a wide range of shades and finishes.


Thou Shalt Not Wear Bold Patterns to Work
In many businesses, a casual Friday ethos has now permeated the rest of the working week. However, in offices where more formal attire is called for, there’s no longer any requirement to dress drably. Once frowned upon, a splash of nattiness is now A-OK, so embrace pattern and colour with gusto. This geometric Yohji Yamamoto number is on our wishlist.

Do you still stick to any of our outdated fashion rules? Which style commandments most annoy you?