We may position ourselves at the more affordable end of the style spectrum, but here at Base London we’re not immune to the allure of an expensive label. Once the preserve of professional models, today’s fashion campaigns from fashion houses like Armani, Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Chanel are increasingly drawing on the power of celebrity to appeal to consumers.

With the news this month that British singer songwriter superstar Sam Smith is the latest unexpected celebrity to take a turn in fashion’s glossiest spotlight for Balenciaga, we thought we’d take a moment to review some of the finest fashion endorsements from some of the most recognisable gentlemen of stage and screen…


1. Sam Smith for Balenciaga AW/15

Sam Smith is to be the new face of Balenciaga for Autumn Winter 2015. Taking to Twitter to announce the unexpected news, the globally famous singer songwriter appeared pleased as punch to be taking a turn under fashion’s chic spotlight. The full AW15 campaign is due to hit soon, leaving us with this glimpse of a teaser and a whole lot of curiosity about whether Mr Smith has any true modelling tekkers. Watch this space.


2. Kanye West for Balmain SS/15


Kanye West modelled for his good friend Olivier Rousteing’s collection for Balmain SS/15 this year, sending the collection viral. With wife Kim Kardashian also endorsing the brand alongside rapper and style icon West, the Balmain line attracted an incredible amount of attention. According to Rousteing: “For this Menswear campaign, I wanted to capture a moment of love. Kim and Kanye are style icons and friends. It is an honour to have them in this Balmain campaign. Together, they represent love, beauty and diversity — they are the new modernity. This is more than a campaign, it expresses something beyond clothes — it is a celebration of love and friendship. This is a new statement for Balmain.”


3. Kit Harington for Jimmy Choo AW/14


The return of Jon Snow to Game of Thrones next season may hang in the balance, but something that’s not in question is the level of dapperness actor Kit Harington achieved in his Autumn Winter ’14 shoot for luxury fashion label Jimmy Choo, endorsing the lines fragrance, footwear and fashion.


4. Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein SS/15


Photoshopping controversy aside (and yes, they did, a whole lot), if there’s one thing a big name brand loves more than a Zeitgeist-capturing celebrity, it’s one that appeals to the youth market. Appearing in Calvin Klein’s signature underwear, the boy star turned international cult figure certainly caught the world’s attention – though perhaps not for the right reasons. What is this kid doing with his hands?


5. David Beckham for Armani AW/09


Just like the West-Kardashians, the Beckham’s are equally not afraid to endorse a big fashion name together. The football phenomenon’s three year contract with Armani is one of the best known (and most lucrative) celebrity-fashion pairings, paving the way for more of the same in recent years.

Which celebrity would you like to see modelling Base London shoes? Do you think celebrity endorsements are eye-catching or naff? Who gets it right and who gets it wrong? Shop the Base collection online today and have your say on the Base London Facebook page.