It’s wedding season. Love it or loathe it, those save the dates you got in the post last December are finally coming home to roost. Whether your sister’s getting hitched or your esteemed colleague is tying the knot, this is an occasion for scrubbing up and looking the part.

Some of us relish the opportunity to get a little more dapper than usual, for others the whole fandango is something of a nightmare. Either way, this is an event where you can either get things very right or very wrong.

To ensure you don’t make a fashion faux pas at upcoming nuptials, we’ve compiled a helpful spotter’s guide to ensure you avoid the 5 items no man should wear to a summer wedding…


  1. A Novelty Tie


Yes, it’s a joyous occasion. Yes, everyone likes a chuckle. But no, novelty ties are never appropriate at a wedding. Whether they feature cartoon characters or flashing lights, there’s absolutely no excuse for this sort of sartorial behaviour. Not only does this “fashion” choice tell your hosts that you’re not taking the happiest day of their lives seriously, you’ll also look a prime plonker. Unless you want to look like your intolerable uncle at a Christmas party, reserve the novelty attire for the stag do.


  1. A White Suit


If you know anything about wedding etiquette, you’ll know that it’s definitely not de rigueur for female guests to upstage the bride by wearing white. This rule should apply for gents too. At an event that’s all about two individuals, wearing white is a real scene stealer which will made you look like a) a matinee idol, b) a cult leader or c) a proper primadonna. Don’t do it.


  1. Velvet or Tweed


This wedding fashion no-no is more about practicality than sartorial wrongness. It’s summer, you’re going to be crammed into a registry office, then a wedding breakfast, before being dragged unwillingly onto the dancefloor to jive awkwardly to the B-52’s staple “Love Shack”. A heavy, perspiration-inducing material is going to mean a day of discomfort, both for yourself and the guests you’re making small talk with. Trust us.


  1. The Wrong Kind of Hat


At ultra-formal weddings, you may find that the chaps in the wedding party are behatted. However, it’s incredibly easy to misjudge wedding headgear. This means that, in most instances, it’s safer to simply steer clear of the whole hat-related hornet’s nest. For older gents, a good quality, summery panama is pretty much perfect, but for the younger crowd, there’s a significant risk that, whatever hat you choose, you’re going to look like Justin Timberlake – and not in a good way. Tread carefully, my friend. And never wear a trilby.


  1. Bed Head Hair


Easy, stylish in a way that looks effortless, roguishly handsome – scruffy bed head hair has its place, but not at a wedding. This is an event which commands a little respect, which means it’s your job to spruce up and look smart. Ditch the hair wax for a smarter style and do your mother proud.

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