Are you suffering from a bad case of itchy feet? No, the problem isn’t your Base London brogues – our diagnosis is a serious lack of globe-trotting. If you’re craving adventure, it’s time to get inspired and get travelling. These five amazing Instagram accounts will make you want to get up and go see the world, whether you’re roaming from place to place on a shoestring or jet-setting your way around the world with a healthy pile of savings.


1. @lebackpacker1Currently exploring the icier side of Europe, Le Backpacker Johan has been posting some truly spectacular shots of snow scapes, glacial lakes and the Aurora Borealis. His Instagram feed is packed with amazing shots he’s taken all over the world, featuring some especially stunning stills captured in New Zealand.


2. @danielkordan2Photographer and irrepressible traveller Daniel Kordan now earns money taking keen, adventurous amateur photographers on amazing journeys to astonishing sites all over the world, from frozen Russian lakes to these astounding Patagonian peaks.


3. @expertvagabond3See the world through the lens of travel photographer Matthew Karsten as he crosses and chronicles countries and continents from Thailand, to Mexico. With a mix of stunning scenery, city scapes, cool buildings and more personal shots, this blog offers a great taste of the travelling lifestyle.


4. @jaredchambers4If you have an urge to hit the wide open roads and incredibly rich and varied vistas of the U-S-of-A, Jared Chambers instagram account is the place to inspire your next road trip, crammed with amazing views across the Big Country.


5. @michaelchristopherbrown5Offering a view of the world through a much grittier, less “Instaperfect” lens, National Geographic photographer Michael Christopher Brown gives those who dream of a more authentic travelling experience insight into the world beyond out own front door in an always-astonishing sequence of shots.


Which is your favourite “Instatravel” account? Where are you tempted to explore next? Have your say and share your snaps in the Base London Facebook group. Before you go, don’t forget to put your best foot forward as you travel with pitch perfect footwear for every eventuality, from the chilling on the beach to experiencing haute cuisine.