The sun’s out, yes. But does that mean you should loose your mind, your dignity & your reputation? No sir.

The minute a dose of good weather hits the British Isles it can feel like everybody has gone sartorially insane. From sweaty red toplessness, complete with an unworn white tee clinging to the back of a shorts waistband like so much unnoticed toilet paper, to sunglasses so preposterous they make people feel weird about looking at you, we might not be used to dressing for warm weather, but surely we can do better than this?

Time to stage an intervention. No matter what number the thermometer hits this summer, here are 5 heatwave style mistakes no gentleman worth his salt should ever make…


1. Public toplessness


Yes, it’s warm. And yes, you’re pleased with your current physique. But did the general public sign up for tickets to the sweaty ab show? No, they didn’t. Public toplessness doesn’t just make you look like a prize plum desperate to show off his pecks, it’s also incredibly obnoxious. Unless you’re in your garden or at the beach, keep it on chum.


2. Going shirtless and tucking your unworn t-shirt into your shorts


If there’s one thing worse than unsolicited public toplessness, it’s tucking your unworn t-shirt into the back of your shorts and letting it hand there, limp and sweaty. If we need to explain why this isn’t OK, do not pass GO, do not collect £200, capiche?


3. Vests


Practical and cool (in terms of degrees) they may be, but vests are an undergarment, not a style statement. Whether your armholes are large enough to expose your entire ribcage or more conventionally sized, giving absolutely everyone you know no option as to whether or not they actually want to come to your own personal gun show is just not on.


4. Statement hats


Summertime is a great excuse to invest in a nice bit of headwear. However, tread carefully. The golden rule is to only wear a hat if it serves a purpose. If the weather is cloudy, or if you’ve invested in a totally frivolous item, you’re on the fast train to looking very, very silly. As a general rule (with plenty of exceptions), if you’re under 55, a fedora or Panama hat is rarely OK.


5. Bad sunglasses


Every stylish summertime gent needs a good pair of shades, but beware: the wrong sunglasses are only too easy to don, and terrible to behold. From making you look downright sketchy, to making you look like Victoria Beckham, it can be tough to find the perfect shades that suit your face. Always get a second opinion from somebody brutally honest before you invest in a new pair, and make sure you update them every couple of years minimum.

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