Zach Johnson may have snatched the trophy from Louis Oosthuizen & Marc Leishman at this year’s Open, but who looked good on the green? Long associated with questionable socks, slacks and dubious caps, golf is not renowned as one of the world’s most fashionable sports. But in recent years (and indeed throughout golfing history) a few trailblazers have hit a hole in one when it comes to scrubbing up suavely on the course.

The golfing pros of today are increasingly style-conscious. From abandoning traditional spiked golf shoes in favour of something sportier in recent years, to the relegation of socks to the insides of trousers back in the 80s, we’ve come a long way since golf’s more flamboyant and eccentric days. Meet the 5 golfers who are true albatrosses when it comes to their sporting attire…

5. Greg Norman

2922457527_f21c570b59_oGreg Norman is an old classic, and that’s exactly the way this gentleman plays things sartorially. Decidedly dapper in his youth, today Greg has his own clothing line and favours a look which is one part faded rockstar, one part gnarled cowboy sharp-shooter – all wrapped up in a sleek polo shirt. Not the most promising combination on paper, but the man makes it work. And the pièce de résistance? His black straw hat.

  1. Gary Player


He may be getting on in years, but Gary Player is still reliably one of the best-dressed gents on any given golf course. With a preference for all black getups, Player is the Johnny Cash of the green, cutting a sleek figure with a continental feel wherever he tees off.

3. Jesper Parnevik
JPAnother golfer with a penchant for a black straw hat. Swedish golfer Parnevik brings a distinctly counter-cultural, rebellious twist to his golfing garb, which feels like a real breath of fresh air in a world full of breathable polo shirts. Jesper does nod to his sport’s style roots however, with seriously bold Argyle jumpers and modern, slim cut versions of classic plaid slacks.

2. Ryo Ishikawa

Fond of bright, contemporary colours, contrasted with bright white attire, Ishikawa cuts a modern figure on the green, with a undeniably sporty aesthetic which leaves other competitors looking like fuddy duddies. With a youthful mop of hair, accessorised with modern headgear, this guy has a fashionable image in his field.

1. Geoff Ogilvy

In contrast to Ishikawa, Ogilvy is a golfer who could easily fly under the radar sartorially, were it not for the fact that everything he wears is simply spot on. Great brands, a muted palette, nothing flashy but everything cut to perfection – and his ‘tache is en pointe right now too. Meet your new golfing fashion inspiration.

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