Still feeling bloated and sluggish from all the turkey, booze and pudding? We’re not surprised. If you’re anything like Team Base, however, from your position horizontal on the sofa you’ll be feeling like it’s really time to do something about your post-Christmas chunkiness. But all that exercise can seem like an awful lot of hard work – and there’s still a load of mince pies in the cupboard…

As luck would have it, we live in the 21st century. Which means, hypothetically, that it’s easier than ever before to get a great work out, get fit and stay in shape – all thanks to technology. But as with most technological steps, trends and fads come and go. There’s a veritable plethora of fitness tech out there at the moment, some of it will be forgotten in the space of a fortnight, other bits of kit will prove game-changing for years to come. So which pieces of fitness tech should you be spending your hard-earned cash on this January? We’ve rounded up five gadgets which are the real deal…


1. Connected Pedal

Cycling has seriously taken off in the UK in recent years (thanks Bradley and Chris). If you’re amongst the ranks of “born again cyclists” The Connected Pedal could be your favourite new fitness gizmo for 2016. This handy gadget tracks everything from calories burned, to inclines scaled (along with all the standard stuff like speed and route). It even has an anti-theft feature which alerts you the second your bike is moved and tracks its whereabouts.


2. Jawbone – UpMove

Fitness tech isn’t for everybody. For some users, too many gadgets proves distracting and counter productive. If you’re not sure which camp you fall in, the UpMove fitness tracker is a very affordable gadget which will give you the chance to experiment with fitness tech before you full commit. At just £39.99, this top notch tracker from Jawbone will count your steps, track your sleep, log your calories and even let you compete with friends.


3. SITU Scale

Diet is a crucial part of fitness and health, but there are far fewer devices out there designed to help you manage it. The SITU scale fills this gap, making counting calories, vitamins, salt, saturated fats – you name it – effortless, even when you’re cooking meals from scratch. Sync it up with your iPad and get cooking.


4. Bragi – The Dash

These incredible headphones from Bragi are well worth the steeper price tag for runners who appreciate pitch perfect sound, a flawless fit and tonnes of features packed into one lightweight, functional gadget. These wireless running headphones also include a heap of tracking features. Ready, steady – go!


5. FitBit Aria Smart Scale

Sometimes measuring goals is as motivational as a flash new gizmo. While this impressive scale won’t aid your workout, it will help you accurately measure your progress, whether you’re keen to lose weight, reduce your body fat percentage or blast your BMI. Wireless and app-connected, with space for 8 individual users, this is a great tool for motivation and staying on top of your game.


Will you be using any fitness technology to support your 2016 health kick? Share your picks with other readers in the Base London Facebook group.