Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Whether your mum keeps nagging, your wife wants an answer or your girlfriend implores “well you must want something!”, a fine men’s fragrance is a tried, tested and downright classic Christmas gift, which will keep you in fine olfactory form over the next few months.

If you’re an appreciator of cologne, there’s a veritable smorgasbord of scents to choose from this festive season. With so many bottles to choose from and approximately 60,000 pour homme ads on the tellybox this Christmas, which men’s scent should you have on your wishlist this year? We’ve collected five of our favourite men’s fragrance for 2015 to help you choose…

1. Tom Ford for Men



Unashamedly blokey, this scent is all about masculinity, with distinctive notes of worn leather and a surprisingly floral mix which nevertheless results in a strong, rich and definitely butch aroma. Smoky tobacco is lifted by sweeter patchouli, while black pepper blends with basil and vetiver for a heady, salty feel.

2. Jo Malone Incense & Cedrat Cologne


Jo Malone may not be a stereotypically masculine brand, but the perfumer has won global attention in a very short space of time in the world of feminine fragrance for a reason – the quality and creativity of its perfume. The brand’s scents for men are equally impressive. This incense-heavy cologne is a warm, rich scent, with lifting lemony tang and a peppery note.

3. Acqua di Parma Colonia Club

Aqua di Parma is a brand to be respected – few perfumers know how to put together a cologne for men quite like AdP- and the new Colonia Club fragrance is another strong string to the brand’s bow. Featuring the classic, Italian-inspired, vintage feel scents you’d expect from AdP (vetiver, ambergris, musk), this art deco-bottled beauty is brought bang up to date with a subtle mint top note.

4. Bulgari Man in Black


It may not be new on the scene, but this is a tried and tested classic which you seriously cannot go wrong with – and it’s just right for the season. Charismatic, irresistibly masculine, but with a creative edge, this men’s fragrance is an intense blend of rum, leather and amber

5. ‘Homme Idéal Guerlain


Here’s another classic that’s spot on for Christmas 2015. The woody notes of this sophisticated, grown-up fragrance give it a strong, fresh and savoury edge which sits wonderfully next to its “good enough to eat” sweeter side featuring tonka bean, almond and orange blossom.

Which fragrances are on your wishlist this Christmas? Which is the most pretentious perfume advert you’ve seen this year? Have your say in our lively Facebook community.