As the internet age forces legions of us into comfortable desk jobs, those age old skills which make men men are gradually fading into obsolescence.

Once upon a time, your average bloke would build a fire, chop some wood, catch a rabbit and whittle a toothpick before breakfast, today we barely have time to check our Twitter feeds during our commute to the office.



If you’re inspired by the wisdom of Parks and Recreation‘s man’s man Ron Swanson, this blog is for you. Today we’ll be taking you through 5 critical bloke skills which will up your masculinity quotient by at least 6000 points. Let’s do this.

  1. How to Open a Beer Bottle With Your Teeth

Your dentist is not going to like this one bit. No sir. However, when you’re stranded in the wilderness without a bottle opener, sometimes needs must. When desperate times call for desperate measures, this technique will turn you into a human bottle opener, and a hero.


  1. How to Jumpstart a Car

Who needs the RAC when you can jumpstart you own car This technique is ideal for rescuing damsels in distress and generally being an all round badass. Just make sure you only use your new-found powers for good, not criminally eh?


3. How to Sharpen a Knife

You never know when you’re going to need a sharp knife in this life, whether you’re making restaurant grade sushi for your girlfriend or whittling your own crude pen in a far flung prison camp. In this video, good old Ray Mears shows you how to keep your blades sharp and ready for any eventuality.


  1. How to Chop Wood

Want to get your lumberjack on and chop a whole lot of wood? Good on you son. this bloke will show you exactly how to chop a load of wood with no messing around, in 0:54 seconds, in silence. Can’t say fairer than that.

5.How to Shave with a Straight Razor

After all that hard work, you’re going to want to do some sprucing up, and what manlier way to look your sharpest than to shave with a good old fashioned straight razor. Dangerous? Maybe. Debonair as hell? Definitely. Here’s how it’s done.

Which ultimate man skills do you want to learn? Are you an expert whittler? Do you know how to build a fire pit? Can you fix a leaking tap in under 5 minutes? Share your know jow with the Base boys below.