Forget under cuts and man buns, sometimes a gentleman needs a classic cut he can fall back on time and time again. To celebrate enduring style, we’ve collected 5 out-and-out classic men’s haircuts which will never go out of fashion.


1. The Crop


Versatile, understated and simple. A straightforward crop is a staple for good reason. Wear it smooth for work and tousled on the weekend. Forgiving on older gentlemen and those of us with fewer full follicles, this style looks sharp on everyone. Ask your barber for a scissor cut with tapered back and sides and a little texture on the top.



2. The Slick Back


Beloved of the stars of stage and screen both back in Hollywood’s heyday and on red carpets today, this slicked back look will always work. Great for straight hair, young chaps and older blokes, this is a versatile haircut that’s easy to style – or leave to its own devices. Request a short back and sides, long top and a side parting, then get that product in. Sorted.



3. The Long Do


A mid-length look has always been swoon-inducing. If you’ve been blessed with naturally thick, wavy hair, this haircut becomes a charm offensive in its own right. It’s also ridiculously easy to maintain, you can go months between barber trips if you get the right cut to start with. Ask your barber for a longer style, heavy at the front and slightly shorter at the crown to avoid any weirdness when you sweep this bad boy back.



4. The Side Sweep


Back in the 50s, this look was pure rebelliousness compared to the “spick and span” hairstyles of the day. Today this haircut isn’t going to shock your grandmother, but it is low maintenance and requires hardly any work to look suave – especially if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. Lose Brando’s hard 50s side parting to give this style a softer, more contemporary edge and ask your barber for a scissored cut that leaves plenty of length, resting just above the ears.



5. The Buzz Cut


Simple, straightforward, no muss, no fuss, just clean cut. The buzz cut is a style classic for a reason. It’s sharp and, for thinning hair, it works wonders. Complement this cut with some well-maintained stubble and remember to book in plenty of trips to the barber (or invest in clippers) to keep this style looking suave rather than scruffy. Dry scalps can be kept in great nick with a dose of moisturiser or hair oil.



What’s your men’s haircut of choice? Do like to chop and change or do you stick to the basics? Share your two cents on the Base Facebook page.