Whether you are with Will & Jada Pinkett Smith and think the Oscars were exclusionary this year (again), or you simply don’t think The Revenant deserved every award under the sun, there’s no denying that the red carpet of this lavish Hollywood event are a barometer for what looks super fly and what simply doesn’t as far as formalwear is concerned. With menswear getting increasingly creative and idiosyncratic with every passing year, it’s no wonder that as many commentators are obsessed over “who” a male star is wearing as who created actresses’ glittering garments.

Even for the least starry-eyed, film-buffed and famed-fixated, with wedding season around the corner, taking some pointers from the red carpet’s best dressed is no bad idea. Here’s who fixed up and looked sharpest at the Oscars 2016…


1. Chris Rock

Dressed in Burberry, Oscars host Chris Rock had a difficult line to tread comedically, but didn’t allow his sartorial choices to be anything other than spot on. Immaculately cut trousers and a white jacket with modern angular detailing containing a subtle vintage note, this was a stand out look on the night.


2. Jared Leto

Replacing a bow tie with a red Gucci flower to compliment the red piping of your Gucci tuxedo may seem like a bold fashion decision, but this is Jared Leto we’re talking about here – and he did take along Gucci designer Alessandro Michele as his date. Not a look every man will be rushing to emulate, but bold dressers – take note.


3. Mark Ruffalo

A statement dinner jacket with retro stylings in bold royal blue made the Spotlight star stand out on the red carpet, teamed savvily with more “toned down” accoutrements, with well tailored staples in monochrome shades.


4. Eddie Redmayne

Here is Eddie Redmayne being quintessentially British and humble about his role in The Danish Girl, for which he did not nab the award for lead actor. Winner or not, in this impeccable Alexander MacQueen suit, Redmayne was definitely unbeaten on the red carpet. In his own words: “it’s amazing and very hot”.


5. Michael B Jordan

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Double breasted dinner jackets don’t usually get much of a look in at awards ceremonies, but Mr Michael B. Jordan’s get up from Ralph Lauren could go a long way towards changing that. Chris Rock may have introduced him as “Should’ve-Been-Nominated Michael B. Jordan” for his performance in Creed, but this tux is a winner.


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