What better way to #WearTheCity than with a cracking podcast plugged into your earholes? Whether your commute gives you a sinking feeling or that regular trek across town takes approximately 10 hours, tuning in to something ridiculously listenable is a great way to pass the time and do something more active with your brain than play 70 rounds of Candy Crush.

From jaw-dropping science and compelling crime journalism, to insane personal stories and even a dose of The Beautiful Game, discover Base London’s five favourite listens for commutes and treks below…

Men In Blazers

Hooked on football? We feel you. So too do the Men in Blazers, podcast hosts Roger Bennett and Michael Davies. This well-informed pair offer a more erudite take on the Beautiful Game, providing incisive and funny commentary, news and analysis which is a cut above the usual punditry. With regular guest appearances from everyone from megafans to managers, this is a weekly podcast to add to your sports schedule. Have a listen to it here.



If you haven’t heard of Serial yet, where have you been? This multi-part true life crime thriller-come-documentary takes an incredibly detailed and compelling look at the 1999 murder of high school senior Hae Min Lee, and the story of the ex-boyfriend convicted of her killing. Critically acclaimed and widely considered a ground-breaking podcast, there’s still time to catch up on this series of the show before a brand new investigation airs examining the mystery of missing soldier Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.


Reply All

Love all things internet? In this cult podcast, hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman explore the weird and wonderful world of the world-wide web, covering everything from memes, to what happens when a country’s corrupt dictator starts tweeting about you. Have a listen to it here.


Love & Radio

With no set theme, this show is all about immersive listening and really focussing on the people behind the stories. From an half-Irish, half-Libyan insurance salesman compelled to join the fight against Gaddafi, to a prisoner inside New Zealand’s infamous Paremoremo jail, these are completely absorbing tales from the furthest reaches of human experience. If anything’s going to put a sweaty tube journey into perspective, it’s this.


Time to get your lab coat and goggles on and dive deep into the rich and diverse world of science. Covering absolutely everything from hacking, to Lithium, this fun and easy-to-understand podcast shares incredible stories, debates and facts which really bring science to life in all its glory. Have a listen to it here.


Which are your favourite commuting podcasts? Tell us which shows you tune into while you #WearTheCity in our Facebook group and shop the Base London collection online for commuting readiness from your ears to your feet.