You know what they say about men with great Base shoes, don’t you? Exceptional taste in socks. If you’re looking for something dapper to put in your boots, meet 5 of our favourite pairs for 2015.

  1. Paul Smith – Melange Colour Block


Like a cheeky dose of colour under the trouser cuff? We don’t blame you. This soft, cosy pair of melange socks courtesy of Mr Paul Smith are just flashy enough to look debonair but classy enough to stay as suave as you like.

2. HJ Hall – Jaquard Argyle Softop


Prefer something a little more traditional? These classic Argyles from HJ Hall are just the ticket. Affordable, stylish, restrained but still devilishly dapper, we’d be very happy to pop a pair of these into our favourite Sew Burnished Brown Oxford Brogues.

3. Henry J Socks – Sock Subscription


Bright, bold and colourful, Henry J Socks offer an affordable sock to gentlemen of all stripes (and spots). The best bit is that you can get fresh pairs delivered every month as part of HJS’s remarkably affordable sock subscription service. That means no more holey heels and plenty of good lookin’ footwear.

4. The Socks – The Millionaire


The Socks are all about attention to detail and superb quality materials. They may look unassuming, but pop a pair of these beauties on your feet, and you’re going to feel a million dollars, we assure you. This company don’t offer hundreds of options, instead they’ve got the perfect sock for every discerning bloke, wait and see.

5. Viyella – Lemon Fairisle


We’re pretty keen on the full Viyella range on the Woods of Shropshire site, as it happens – but we’d happily pop these retro-look bad boys into our Combust Waxy Tan Chelsea Boots any day of the week. These guys do a good line in plain, poppy shades too, from crimson to mustard yellow. Cracking.

Which socks do you like to rock with your Base boots and brogues? Are you a fan of something flashy or do you prefer to keep things understated? Share your taste below.