Hipster? Possibly. Debonair? Definitely. Whatever your attitude to facial furniture, there’s no denying that the ‘tashe is having a comeback at the moment. Movember may be over and done with for another year, but a fine bit of lip topiary is surprisingly socially acceptable all year round these days.

If you’ve always fancied a dalliance with your ‘tashe, now is the time to let your “flavour saver” grow. Just make sure you opt for one of our officially recognised, acceptable moustache styles for the modern man to avoid any hirsute faux pas…

  1. The Trucker


As seen on Hulk Hogan, the Trucker is a fearsome piece of facial fur. You’ll find no pretension or artistic sensibilities amidst the bristles of this manly ‘tashe, just a whole lot of grit, whisky and the open road. For a less ‘in your face’ style on your face, keep your trucker ‘tashe shorter than Mr Hogan’s masterpiece, particularly at the tips.

  1. The Pencil

There’s a fine art to the pencil moustache. Too thin and sculpted and it looks creepy, too thick and it’s all wrong. Equally, a weird angle can leave you looking like a comedy villain from a vintage Bond flick, so make sure you follow the natural line of your lip, finishing at the corners of your mouth. You’ll also need regular maintenance courtesy of your trimmers to keep your pencil sharp.


  1. The 80s Porn Star


Think Tom Sellick meets Ron Burgundy with a little extra sheen. You need to wear this beauty with a dash of rugged handsomeness and keep it nice and glossy to avoid any sleazy vibes.

  1. The Connoisseur


If you have a dash of hipster in your system (no judgement) this is your must-have moustache. This style will make your face approximately 80% more punchable to the general public, but you’ll be too busy reading online reviews of moustache wax to care. Bravo, sir!

  1. The Zorro

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 11.00.29

This is a frivolous little moustache, perfect for when you’re feeling slightly whimsical during your morning shave. Two clearly defined halves, a slight upwards jaunt and a slim-yet-thick style will have you artfully disrobing Catherine Zeta-Jones-alikes with your sabre in no time. Just make sure you channel the original Zorro, not the clean-shaven Banderas version.