Strawberries and cream. A pint of lager and a packet of crisps. Bodger and Badger. Some things really are just better when they’re together. The same is true in menswear. There are some garments which, when worn in tandem, equal far more than the sum of their parts. A recipe for easy, en pointe dressing; we’re taking a moment today to celebrate these heroic sartorial double acts, saluting their camaraderie and their dependable good looks. It’s time to meet our three favourite, unassailable menswear duos which any feller can rely on.


1. Blazers & Stripes

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Just like the stars and stripes, blazers and stripes are a timeless classic – but one it’s easy to get wrong. Miscalibrate this outfit and you’ll look like a teenage indie fan circa 2003. To wear this style stalwart, ensure that the blazer is navy (not black) and the stripes are Breton (slimmer black bands, wider white spaces). Steer clear of anything overly nautical or you’ll look like a vintage sailor rather than hitting the “Continental chic” note with aplomb. A great smart casual look with undeniable class, this is the perfect easy look for a range of scenarios, from high end holidays to smarter daytime jaunts.


2. Denim & CamelScreen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.52.25

The camel coat was a quintessential piece of outerwear on AW16 catwalks. Emerging last year as an indisputably strong trend, this look is going nowhere – which means it’s time to invest in your own and learn how to seriously rock it.

Our advice? Team your structured camel overcoat with its “match made in heaven” – denim. With a high end feel, the camel overcoat is a perfect partner for more rugged denim, offering contrast but also a good-looking combination of strong structures which will win you serious fashion kudos. On top of all that, the combination of a rich-yet-neutral camel shade with traditional blue denim is an unbeatable colour pairing. Trust us, this seriously works.


3. Trainers & TailoringScreen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.53.21

The perfect way to blend luxury streetwear with smarter styling – trainers and tailoring may not be the most traditional of sartorial bedfellows, but for now they’re having something of a moment in the style spotlight. Giving formal wear a fashion kick while giving laid-back fashion a suaver air, this combination calls for minimalist, un-ostentatious trainers (ideally in white), paired with a well cut suit (best work over a simple, plain t-shirt). Wear it, feel great.


What are your ultimate menswear duos? Which two garments do you rely upon in your everyday wardrobe? Have your say in our Facebook group. with a pair of pleasingly minimal plimsolls from our latest SS16 Fish’N’Chips collection.