Have you heard? The nineties are back. As with trends from every decade, the 20 year latency period between the nineties and now has officially elapsed, which means we’ve all forgotten just how bad they were and that we’re now ready to start indulging our nostalgia by cherry-picking the best menswear from the decade which brought us Nirvana, the Stone Roses, bleached curtain hairdos and massive baggy cargo pants.

But before you run for the hills from the thought of donning a dodgy pair of dungarees, take a moment. There are plenty of nineties menswear trends which remain very respectable today. Whether you’re reliving your grungy youth or re-embracing the bomber jacket, there are a handful of re-emerging, on trend nineties looks well worth incorporating into your wardrobe this Autumn.


1. Grunge1Not for the faint-hearted, nineties grunge is a look you have to embrace wholly or you run the risk of looking just a bit scruffy, which is no good to anyone. Instead, this is a style you need to commit to, if you want to pull it off. We’re talking loose knitwear, flannel shirts and broke-down denim – the whole enchilada.
To give your look a dose of authenticity (and avoid that “I’m attending a nineties costume party” vibe), take some time to source your threads from vintage stores and outlets. They’ll have that essential “worn” look which is pure grunge. Top the look off with our “don’t mess with me” Brunel boots to finish it all off.


2. The Bomber Jacket2(Bomber Jacket: ASOS)
With its roots in 1950s military style and 1970s skinhead culture, by the time the nineties picked up the bomber jacket as a fashion essential, its tough image had well and truly worn off, leaving gentlemen with a comfortable, practical garment ideal for keeping of the chill in the wee small hours after a night-long rave.

Getting the bomber just right today is all in the cut. The nineties versions were often worn “puffy” and oversized. Buck this image by opting for a well cut, well fitted version in a dark, neutral hue. Tea with an oversized t-shirt, trainers and slim jeans to complete the look.


3. The Oversized Tee3(Oversized T-shirt: Topman)

A tricky look to master but absolutely spot on right now, if you can get it right. The trick is to buy specifically oversized tshirts, rather than buy shirts a few sizes up. This will help you get just the right fit and prevent you looking like you’re wearing a nightdress.

Another crucial element is nailing the balance. Oversized tees are liable to dominate an outfit, which means getting the formula just right is key. Wear with a well fitted jacket to add a bit of shape to the style and contrast the oversizing with a tighter, slim leg jean, rounding off with a big, statement casual shoe like our spot on Tablet kicks.

Which are the best and the worst looks from the nineties? Will you embrace the trend or leave the past in the past. Have your say in the Base London Facebook group.