Every year and every season in fashion has its own “mullet”. The fashion faux pas which seems bang on trend at the time, but ultimately deserves to be banished from the annals of style history. While utility jackets, shaggy hair and luxe sportswear continue their shelf life as strong crossover trends for 2015-2016, there are a few 2015 trends which we should never speak of, or wear, ever again.

To help you avoid the worst of 2015 in fashion, we’ve picked out three of the most downright terrible looks of the year. If you’re considering sticking to your guns with our three worst offenders, we insist that you cease and desist immediately. Here’s the run down:


1. Socks and Sandals12015 was the year that fashion’s most daring (and knowingly ironic) decided to make socks and sandals “a thing”. Much maligned as the awkward holiday footwear of German tourists and your granddad, hipsters and their ilk embraced this frankly horrible trend and categorically failed to make it happen. If you are guilty of this 2015 fashion crime, we applaud your bravery but we have to ask you to stop. Don’t let this monstrosity happen on your feet ever again.


2. Massive Beards

Seen in Brick Lane, London.According to fashion commentators, 2015 was the year the UK reached “peak beard”. This means that beard ownership reached such heights that it was no longer edgy or cool. As a result, it’s anticipated that 2016 will see a marked decrease in beardiness. But some trendsters have simply not been able to let go of their facial furniture. To ensure they stand out from the rest of the beard-sporting masses, many fashion forward folk turned to Even Bigger Beards to but the trend. The results were…horrible. Banish the big beard in 2016 and opt for a clean shaven or mustachioed look instead.


3. Hawaiian Shirts3Bold prints were a big look on SS15 catwalks, but while a summery penchant for fun, graphic designs hit the perfect note, it also opened the door to a far worse evil: the semi-ironic Hawaiian shirt. Seen on Prada catwalks, the season’s statement prints took a malign turn, giving gents the green light to go all out hipster Hawaiian, resulting in a garish, faintly smug style which absolutely nobody liked. Not really. Trust us. Time to shred that shirt before summer swings around and you get tempted again…


Which do you think were the worst trends of 2015? Which will you be keeping and which will you be culling? Have your say in the Base London Faceook group and don’t forget to keep tabs on our online store to be the first to order from our brand new collection for 2016.