Whether you’re an “all the gear, no idea” kind of guy, or more of a fairweather cyclist, there’s no denying that London looks lovely from a bicycle seat (as long as you’ve got your helmet on and your highway code memorised). With June just around the corner, it’s officially a brilliant time of the year to oil up that chain, get on your bike and enjoy the best of the city’s summer sunshine.

To get you peddling, we’ve shared three of the Base London team’s favourite laid back London bike rides, which will take you through some of London’s prettiest places. Chapeau!

  1. Windsor Great Park

1. WGP

Hop on your bike at The Savill Garden at Windsor Great Park or set off from Egham railway station to enjoy 15 miles (or less if you’re feeling more sedate) of uninterrupted cycling bliss. Yes, it’s jut outside of the M25, but this is an easy beauty spot to reach from central London, just hop on a 30 minute train from Waterloo. Once you’re there, you’ll discover nature doing some spectacular stuff, plus plenty of curiosities to keep you interested, from totem poles and Roman ruins to a stunning view over Windsor Castle. Lovely stuff.


  1. The Tourist Trail

2. TT

Sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist in your own city, especially when you can steer clear of the crowds. This route, which runs from the Natural History Museum to the Tate Modern, will take you to many of the capital’s finest museums and sights, from the V&A, to Hyde Park, The Serpentine Gallery, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, London Dungeon, Borough Market and the Tate Modern. Speed right through on a whistlestop tour in an hour, or make a day of it and check out your favourite exhibits as you go.


  1. Richmond to Hampton Court


A trundle along the Thames has to be one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy London by bike. This hour long 7.5 mile route will take you along pleasantly flat terrain while you soak up the sights and sounds of the river (with plenty of spots for lunch, tea and cake or a pint on the way). Take your bikes by train on the North London Line to Richmond Station, then make your way to Richmond Bridge to join the Thames Path. Follow its course past Eel Pie Island and Teddington Lock, then cross over at Kingston Bridge before cruising on to Hampton Court. Don’t mind if we do.

What’s your ultimate laid back London cycle route? Share your picks and tips with other readers on the Base Facebook page. Looking for some relaxed footwear for stylish summer cycling? We’ve got that sorted too.