Rough night? You need to take no prisoners with your breakfast, stat. Here are the 3 ultimate hangover breakfast joints in London town that will certainly have a damn good go at curing what ails ya…

1. Hawksmoor


Sometimes there’s nothing for it but to give yourself a taste of your own medicine and brace your blurry system for a dose of the hair of the dog. If you’re going to do it, do it properly at Hawksmoor. With restaurants in Spitalfields, Knightsbridge, Guildhall, Air Street and Seven Dials, you’re never far from some of the best Bloody Mary’s your bloodshot eyes have ever witnessed and your ash-coated taste-buds have ever encountered.

Ask for the No. 4 (vodka, tomato juice and Hawksmoor spice mix) or check out the time-sensitive cocktail menu, based on the very louche Toper’s Timetable (1874). Tuck in to a big, Hawksmoor breakfast, bottom’s up, feel better.


2. Caravan


Sometimes hair of the dog is not what you need and all the matters is a slap about the face with a major cup of Joe – pronto! When you need good coffee, and a lot of it, Caravan in foodie-centric Farringdon is your go-to destination. With a smorgasbord of Green coffees, you’ll find the exact pick me up to cure your dilapidated state. Oh and their cornbread French toast, bacon, rocket and avocado brunch ain’t half bad either, ideal for when you need both salt and nutrients.

3. Seven


Seven in Brixton may be better known as a tapas bar, but their short (yet extremely delicious) brunch menu offers one of the best fry ups in London town. Trust us. Crawl your way to Market Row and hunker down with the Full Spanish breakfast. Chorizo, morcilla de burgos (Spanish black pudding), pimenton beans, eggs, tomatoes and thick wedges of toast make this a salty, meaty breakfast which tastes like the sweet kiss of life. It doesn’t look fancy, but it does everything you need a fried breakfast to – and more. Seriously.

Where do you go when you need to soak up a hard night’s boozing? Where does the best juices near you? Which local spot serves up the ultimate eggs? Tell Team Base all about it via our Facebook page.