It’s the most magical time of the year. A time for tinsel and merriment. A time for goodwill to all men. A time to get good and tipsy with your colleagues and to say something questionable to your boss…

The workplace Christmas party can be a fraught affair. A heady combination of a long year’s hard graft mixed with plenty of liquid good cheer is a recipe for sheepish faces come the first week of January. But your bash doesn’t have to be a disaster – at least not for you personally. If you’re keen to play your Christmas party properly, we’ve compiled a few essential dos and don’ts to help you maintain your suavity, style and dignity this festive season. Here’s how it’s done…

DO indulge in small talk


When you’re surrounded by increasingly inebriated colleagues, it’s incredibly tempting to become embroiled in office gossip, but this is a slippery slope which could land you in a lot of hot water before the night – and the year – is out. Rise above the secrets, whispers and the drunken confessions by keeping conversation light, polite and general. Your sales guy’s Casanova-esque pursuits may be more interesting than your planned Easter getaway conversationally, but you’ll be thankful you never asked come the morning.

DON’T overdo it


Call us killjoys, but if you want to get out of your workplace Christmas party with your reputation intact, taking it easy on the sauce is a smart decision. Opt to be a designated driver to give yourself and incentive and save the real partying for occasions with your friends – not the people you have to work with every day of the year to come.

DO adhere to the dress code


Don’t be the colleague who didn’t get the memo about Christmas party attire. If the occasion calls for novelty Christmas jumpers, be a good sport, if the evening is casual – don’t go overboard and if it’s time for some black tie suavity, make sure you scrub up. Our collection of dapper formal shoes will provide that crucial finishing touch you’ve been looking for.

DON’T get romantic


You may have been enjoying a workplace flirtation all year, but the office Christmas party is neither the time nor the place to take things further. Don’t become an object of office scandal and gossip, if you’re keen to pursue an office romance, do it on your own watch – making your move at a workplace do is not a classy move.

DO avoid “shop talk” with the boss


This is the one time of the year when schmoozing is not appropriate. Give your head honcho a chance to let their hair down and ensure you don’t look like a brown-noser in front of your colleagues. Steering clear of putting forward your big ideas at the Christmas do will also help you avoid that other dangerous trap – seriously putting your foot in it with your boss. A couple of egg nogs down is no time to try to impress.

Do you love or loathe workplace Christmas parties? What has been your most scandalous festive shindig? Share your yuletide tales in the Base London Facebook group.