• 4 Essential TV Shows You Must Watch This Autumn

    It's getting cold and dark out there. If the sofa sounds more appealing than a night on the chilly tiles right now, there are some very good excuses to stay in this season. A fresh round of top notch autumn telly is hitting a screen or streaming service near you very soon, which means it's time to get your Base London slippers on, order a cheeky takeaway and get your binge-watching game on. Here are four essential TV series the Base team are getting ready to watch the hell out of...

    The Returned, More4, begins 16th October

    After three years of silence, the cult French thriller has, well, returned. If you didn't catch the first series, we recommend you go back and watch it, hard, on 4OD right this second. Firstly because it's spine-chillingly good, with the kind of swooping, vivid cinematographic goodness that will leave you well and truly spell-bound. Secondly because, if you don't, you're going to be horribly lost. Essentially, imagine a town where the dead returned, with amnesia about their deaths, as if nothing had ever happened... A moody and gripping take on the omni-present zombie theme and well worth a watch.

    Peep Show, Channel 4, begins November

    Here's another series which many thought was dead and buried which has returned from the grave. You may have thought you'd seen the last of Mark, Jeremy, Super Hans and co. but thankfully the gang are back for a ninth and final series. With sneak peeks hinting at a return for both Dobby and gentleman's favourite Alan Johnson, we can't ruddy wait.

    Fargo, Channel 4, from 19th October

    Returning for a second, captivating series, Cohen Brother's spin-off prequel Fargo is back on our screens this autumn, with a brand new cast starring Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson but the same twisted, seethingly dark, under the radar attitude which made the first season (available on Netflix) such gripping, blood-thirsty watching.

    Luther, BBC One, showing in December

    Not so much a series as a two part farewell to Idris Elba's captivating detective, John Luther. The cast and crew are keeping details of this double episode very hush hush, but if the grand finale lives up to the globally rated first three series, we have some seriously good telly to look forward to.

    What are you watching this winter? Which series are you most looking forward to? Any picks we haven't covered? Have your say in the Base London Facebook group.

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