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  • Martell Campbell Kicks Things off for Base London

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    Martell Campbell 

    Fashion Blogger / Style Expert / Dapper Chap 


    Martell Campbell Trilby

    Martell Campbell is a modern sartorialist who hails from London, UK. He is a recognised menswear fashion blogger and style expert, with his distinctive twist on the norm & flare for exquisite style. Colaborating with Brands including Harrods, John Lewis, Ben Sherman, Oliver Sweeny, Base London & many more.

    Martell Base London

    Martell started off his fashion carrier, by blogging and interning for different brands. Eventually he landed 2 year design internship at Ben Sherman. It was from then on, Martell got into the textile design & tailoring side of things. He is now classed as a frequent attendee at the London Collections & Shows, alongside having featured in the likes of GQ & Vogue - this young entrepreneur from Balham has done pretty well for himself. Martell regularly produces editorials for his own site ( & social on his social media channels - Which contains around 14k Followers on Instagram/Twitter, therefore his fan base is ever-growing.

    Martell Campbell Base London

    He states a typical day consists of brand consulting, trend research, interviews, attending fashion events & photo shoots.. he has a lot to keep himself busy with!


    We Caught Up with Martell and Picked his Brain on all Things Shoe Related

    1. What's the first thing you look for in a pair of shoes?

    The first thing I look for in a pair of shoes is the style. I'm usually looking for something that stands out, something unique and interesting.

    2. What's your favourite detail from the Base London XXI Collection? 

    My favourite detail would be the intricate brogue detailing on the Trench shoe. Its my favourite from the collection

    3. How do you pair your socks with your shoes - where do you start?

    When I get dressed I usually add my shoes and socks last and once my outfit is almost complete I make sure my shoes and socks do not match but correspond with the other accessories within the look.

    4. Where do you start with outfit building?

    I usually start with an outerwear piece or a shirt. I use this as a bass and then I work around the base to piece together the rest of the outfit.

    5. What's the best piece of style advice you've ever been given?

    Someone once told me to dress how I feel. and thats what I have been doing ever since. I think its a great that we can express ourselves through the way we dress.

    6. What's the one accessory you can't leave the house without? 

    I’d have to say my trilby. Weather its classic, modern, wool felt, forfeit, or panama, I will not leave the house without it.


    The First Film from the #WearTheCity Campaign

    Here we see Martell in that famous trilby, going about his day in Notting Hill, his inimitable style reflected in his choice of footwear.

    Trench Washed Bordo Base London Martell CampbellFeatured Footwear: TRENCH WASHED BORDO - £69.99

    Watch this space for more films from the #WearTheCity series coming every few weeks!

    Base London XXI Collection


  • Ghostly Illusions

    A superhuman being? A ghostly light? Something from the depths of our vast oceans?! This is cigarette smoke at 1/10,000 frames per second.


    Thomas Herbrich, a German photographer, set up a black background, a tripod and a very high-speed flash. A cigarette was attached to a tripod and Herbrich shot frame after frame at 1/10,000 of a second which made it possible to capture the swirls and serpentine curls of the smoke.

    Although this may seem like a relatively easy task, Thomas explains that ‘The rising of smoke is actually so quick that conventional flash equipment is too slow, as is the photographer'. 100,000 images, 600 cigarettes, 3 months worth of work and shit tonne of effort later, Thomas selected 20 of the best images from the lot. These 20 images were used for his Smoke exhibition at an art fair in Cologne.



    'In my pictures, it's spectacular, entertaining and always a bit mysterious. They are made with love, and I think it shows. For me a good picture as the first sentence in a story, and the viewer she wants to continue spinning. So there are always "narrative" pictures.'

    View the 'Smoke' Collection on Thomas' site, here.


  • Re-Boot Your Winter Wardrobe


    Reboot your winter wardrobe with something a little different from the staple summer plimsolls. Now's the time for comfort, warmth and endurance. Not to mention something a little tasty...


     AW14 Photo Shoot 696



    The Autumn Winter '14 Collection is designed to flow effortlessly from summer, to autumn, to winter. Constructed with a diversity of styles, textures and colours; tough ankle boots, high top plimsolls, robust hiking boots, elegant lace up boots. We've got it covered.


     AW14 Photo Shoot 776 AW14 Photo Shoot 743


    Click to shop: STORE | FACEBOOKTWITTER


  • Missing Andy: Styles of Choice

    Missing Andy, the eclectic Brit-Rock Band, talk us through their fashion loves, hates and favourites from the Autumn Winter 2014 Base London Collection.
  • Autumn Winter 2014 Style Guide: Autumn Awe

    The seasons are slowly turning to a colder tone and the summer nights are gradually getting darker. Autumn is coming and although that means it's officially the end of summer, our mindset is a fresh new take on Autumn style. Layers, textures, thick jumpers, warm boots and the brand new Autumn/Winter '14 Collection from yours truly. We can't wait for you to get your hands on this seasons designs - think sophisticated winter nights and warm winter hikes. Detailed designs with function at it's core.



    This season's look is based around home comforts, traditional British ideals and all the small details that make a big impact. A great way to make a big impact with an outfit, is to have a similar colour-way and a pop of colour. This season sees green as a staple colour you need in your wardrobe. In the absence of greenery throughout the end seasons, a perfect way to add colour and keep right on trend is to add dark, leafy greens to your outfit and then a complementary tone to finish the look with your footwear. We love the idea of a dark green coat overlaid on a dark grey tweed suit, finished with a crisp white oxford and a pop of colour on the feet, think tans brogues or boots.

    Woburn Waxy/Camo Brown Woburn Waxy/Camo Brown from the AW14 Collection.


    Lounge Wear | Squire Tweed Tan/Gold


    Lightweight in construction, made from warming winter felt finished in a tan, navy and gold tweed. Perfect lounge wear for the evenings and weekend, Squire will accompany you through the coldest nights making sure you stay cosy and laid-back.

    Casual Wear | Euro Waxy/Suede Tan


    Casual wear at it's best, made from thick and durable leather and suede upper. Euro comes in a range of tones including tan, navy and brown. A classic sports inspired shoe, perfect for casual weekends and everyday wear, the bouncy rubber sole puts comfort to the test and thick lace up design makes sure you stay secure. Best worn with jeans and a crew neck jumper or chinos and a chambray shirt for a cool casual look this autumn.

    Casual Wear | Marauder Suede Navy


    A personal favourite - Marauder the AW14 Base London chukka boot finished in a tough yet refined waxed suede upper, in a selection of autumnal tones: navy, black, tan and brown. A thick white rubber sole unit adds a pop of brightness and promotes a very casual look. An easy boot for weekend wear, best worn with jeans for a laid-back, contemporary look.

    Formal Wear | Hyde Burnished Tan


    A very classic look for this season, Hyde is great for all weather conditions and will keep you dry on wetter days with its enclosed six-hole lace up design. Burnished leather creates a vintage look and only adds to the charm, finished in tan or brown creating a rich tone to any outfit, perfect if you're looking to add some subtle colour. Classic is what we love and a brogue will always be a timeless piece, a shoe that you can rely on for any occasion. Thick formal rubber sole unit is made for everyday wear and will make sure your feet stay comfortable. Hyde is a formal shoe and looks great with a sharp suit, but can also be worn with jeans and a jumper for a more semi-formal style.

    Formal Wear | Richmond Waxy Brown


    Richmond is our fashion formal boot, designed to be a key trending piece but with formality in mind. A boot that goes great with a suit and really creates a distinct and original look - boots aren't always worn with suits these days and it's a catch many guys are missing out on. Perfect for wet, wintery days to keep you feeling comfortable, warm and smart without losing that sophisticated edge. Long laces look great wrapped around the top of the boot for a statement look. Waxed leather uppers means you'll stay dry throughout the wet autumn days and a choice of brown or tan to blend or pop into an outfit. Your choice.


    Some shots from The Crafty Cobbler AW14 Photo Shoot, for your viewing pleasure


    AW14 Photo Shoot 591

    AW14 Photo Shoot 696

    AW14 Photo Shoot 561


    BAR4.AW14 (Custom)

    AW14 Photo Shoot 827


    AW14 Photo Shoot 797

    AW14 Photo Shoot 804

    AW14 Photo Shoot 743



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