• Ghostly Illusions

    A superhuman being? A ghostly light? Something from the depths of our vast oceans?! This is cigarette smoke at 1/10,000 frames per second.


    Thomas Herbrich, a German photographer, set up a black background, a tripod and a very high-speed flash. A cigarette was attached to a tripod and Herbrich shot frame after frame at 1/10,000 of a second which made it possible to capture the swirls and serpentine curls of the smoke.

    Although this may seem like a relatively easy task, Thomas explains that ‘The rising of smoke is actually so quick that conventional flash equipment is too slow, as is the photographer'. 100,000 images, 600 cigarettes, 3 months worth of work and shit tonne of effort later, Thomas selected 20 of the best images from the lot. These 20 images were used for his Smoke exhibition at an art fair in Cologne.



    'In my pictures, it's spectacular, entertaining and always a bit mysterious. They are made with love, and I think it shows. For me a good picture as the first sentence in a story, and the viewer she wants to continue spinning. So there are always "narrative" pictures.'

    View the 'Smoke' Collection on Thomas' site, here.


  • Autumn Winter 2014 Style Guide: Autumn Awe

    The seasons are slowly turning to a colder tone and the summer nights are gradually getting darker. Autumn is coming and although that means it's officially the end of summer, our mindset is a fresh new take on Autumn style. Layers, textures, thick jumpers, warm boots and the brand new Autumn/Winter '14 Collection from yours truly. We can't wait for you to get your hands on this seasons designs - think sophisticated winter nights and warm winter hikes. Detailed designs with function at it's core.



    This season's look is based around home comforts, traditional British ideals and all the small details that make a big impact. A great way to make a big impact with an outfit, is to have a similar colour-way and a pop of colour. This season sees green as a staple colour you need in your wardrobe. In the absence of greenery throughout the end seasons, a perfect way to add colour and keep right on trend is to add dark, leafy greens to your outfit and then a complementary tone to finish the look with your footwear. We love the idea of a dark green coat overlaid on a dark grey tweed suit, finished with a crisp white oxford and a pop of colour on the feet, think tans brogues or boots.

    Woburn Waxy/Camo Brown Woburn Waxy/Camo Brown from the AW14 Collection.


    Lounge Wear | Squire Tweed Tan/Gold


    Lightweight in construction, made from warming winter felt finished in a tan, navy and gold tweed. Perfect lounge wear for the evenings and weekend, Squire will accompany you through the coldest nights making sure you stay cosy and laid-back.

    Casual Wear | Euro Waxy/Suede Tan


    Casual wear at it's best, made from thick and durable leather and suede upper. Euro comes in a range of tones including tan, navy and brown. A classic sports inspired shoe, perfect for casual weekends and everyday wear, the bouncy rubber sole puts comfort to the test and thick lace up design makes sure you stay secure. Best worn with jeans and a crew neck jumper or chinos and a chambray shirt for a cool casual look this autumn.

    Casual Wear | Marauder Suede Navy


    A personal favourite - Marauder the AW14 Base London chukka boot finished in a tough yet refined waxed suede upper, in a selection of autumnal tones: navy, black, tan and brown. A thick white rubber sole unit adds a pop of brightness and promotes a very casual look. An easy boot for weekend wear, best worn with jeans for a laid-back, contemporary look.

    Formal Wear | Hyde Burnished Tan


    A very classic look for this season, Hyde is great for all weather conditions and will keep you dry on wetter days with its enclosed six-hole lace up design. Burnished leather creates a vintage look and only adds to the charm, finished in tan or brown creating a rich tone to any outfit, perfect if you're looking to add some subtle colour. Classic is what we love and a brogue will always be a timeless piece, a shoe that you can rely on for any occasion. Thick formal rubber sole unit is made for everyday wear and will make sure your feet stay comfortable. Hyde is a formal shoe and looks great with a sharp suit, but can also be worn with jeans and a jumper for a more semi-formal style.

    Formal Wear | Richmond Waxy Brown


    Richmond is our fashion formal boot, designed to be a key trending piece but with formality in mind. A boot that goes great with a suit and really creates a distinct and original look - boots aren't always worn with suits these days and it's a catch many guys are missing out on. Perfect for wet, wintery days to keep you feeling comfortable, warm and smart without losing that sophisticated edge. Long laces look great wrapped around the top of the boot for a statement look. Waxed leather uppers means you'll stay dry throughout the wet autumn days and a choice of brown or tan to blend or pop into an outfit. Your choice.


    Some shots from The Crafty Cobbler AW14 Photo Shoot, for your viewing pleasure


    AW14 Photo Shoot 591

    AW14 Photo Shoot 696

    AW14 Photo Shoot 561


    BAR4.AW14 (Custom)

    AW14 Photo Shoot 827


    AW14 Photo Shoot 797

    AW14 Photo Shoot 804

    AW14 Photo Shoot 743



  • A Whole Lido Fun

    Friday is set to be a scorcher in London, with temperatures apparently hitting a glorious 31°C. SO, in the fleeting moment of British Summer Time, let's get outside and make the most of it.

    Lidos (outdoor swimming pools) aren't just for families and kids, although like me, I'm sure loads of you frolicked about in lidos when you were a kid and now they're something of a distant memory. But fear not, a lido is for all ages, all shapes and sizes! So get your kit off and take a dip in one of the top ten lidos we've picked out, all across the UK!

    1/ Wycombe Rye Lido


    Wycombe Rye Lido - heated most of the year Wycombe Rye Lido - heated most of the year

    2/ The Bristol Lido - a pretty snazzy looking place, accompanied an even snazzier poolside bar and restaurant


    3/ Brockwell Lido - The Olympic size 50 metre pool is surrounded by a superb Grade II listed art deco building housing a state-of-the-art gym and studios


    4/ Tinside Lido Plymouth - An absolutely stunning semi-circular lido, set in 1935 art-deco architecture upon the waterfront, which was voted one of the top 10 outdoors pools in Europe. Breath taking views makes this one you wouldn't mind travelling to

    Fresh salt water is pumped continuously, so you have fresh water every 4 hours Fresh salt water is pumped in continuously, so you have fresh water every 4 hours


    5/ Pells Pool East Sussex - the oldest outdoor pool in Britain and always looking to improve itself. It's huge as well which means you won't be brushing past any old guys in their budgy smugglers...

    6/ Parliament Hill Fields - The super trendy one and the one I used to go to as a kid. So I love it! Even if it is a little hipster...



    7/ Jubilee Pool Penzance - If you're looking for regal. This is it. Stunning art deco, literally built on the sea with views of the promenade and a cafe which serves lunch and dinner.

    Grandeur at it's finest Grandeur at it's finest

    8/ Ilkley Pool and Lido - freshwater with a large grass area for picnics and sunbathing

    9/ Woburn Lido - heated, olympic sized and right next to the wildlife park, an easy day out



    10/ Sandford Parks Lido Cheltenham





    If you're planning a day out this summer and you’re looking for a change from the seaside, why not check out your nearest outdoor pool? Visit for a list of more than 100 sites throughout the UK.

  • Childhood Dreams Become A Reality

    I recently saw an article about 'The World's Most Stylish Tree House' and it got me thinking about how much I longed for a tree house when I was younger. Nothing too fancy, maybe something a little like Bart's on The Simpsons. Somewhere I could hide and relax, somewhere with a view. All I had was a rope tied to one of the apple tree branches.

    This is the world's most stylish tree house, and yes, it is impressive...

    See the forest from the trees: Russian design studio A.Masow created this remarkable tree house in Kasakhstan Russian design studio A.Masow created this remarkable tree house in Kasakhstan

    Certainly a room with a view! A three-storey cylindrical glass design, built with spiralling staircase around a 40-foot fir tree, just outside the city of Almaty. An inventive and monumental building, although clearly not built for privacy.

    Maybe, good old bricks and mortar is a thing of the past. Maybe bringing it back to nature and being part of our natural surroundings is the way forward. I mean, who could say no? Seeing this design really got me thinking that the possibilities are endless with design and with all the innovative people in this world, we could be living in tree house communities by 2020. What a beautiful start to every day we would have!

    forest2-jpg_142817 Maybe an idea for treehouse communities

    tree house

    Mirror tree house in Sweden Mirror tree house in Sweden



    xworlds-tallest-tree-house.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.Ze5O20Bmn8 Tree house apartments


    Hemloft by Joel Allen


    Even our beloved pets have moved into tree houses...


  • Office Music


    I'm lucky enough to be able to choose what I listen to at work. Most people listen to the radio and honestly, I don't know how you do it. I need something that sits delicately in the background while my busy mind chatters away. Normally, I'll just look up a playlist on Spotify and hope it doesn't annoy me. Anyway, the point I'm getting at, is I've found the perfect office music. This is big news.


    Known to listeners as Submerse, Rob Orme is a young artist from Northern England, with an adoration of hip-hop and Japan. His debut album Slow Waves is influenced by an array of sounds, people and places. His music has a gentle and dreamy flow, perfect to create a calm atmosphere.


    Light and airy percussions twinkle alongside smooth bass lines and delicate female voices that pour over mellow beats; future garage is an innovative take on what garage can be. Orme has even coined his own "j-garage"—a mix between western bass music (future garage, 130 BPM house and dubstep) with Japanese soundbites like vocals and anime samples. In my opinion, I can't get enough of this type of music, but shamefully, I know it's not for all.


    Slow Waves From Submerse:


    Like what you hear? Check out an interview from FACT Magazine with Rob Orme to delve deeper...

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