Men's Guide To Wedding Season

We all know wedding season is pretty daunting for you gents; What gifts do I buy? What should I wear? Should I get a new haircut? .. Well at least we can help guide you to the perfect wedding footwear, whether you're a guest, groomsmen or the groom himself - we've got you covered on footwear styles & attire for the big day.

If you want some extra styling tips as well fellas, then have a look at our Men's Guide To Wedding Season Board on our Pinterest page.


Wedding Blog pics 600px2Our Apsley Washed Brown is guaranteed to inject spirit into your wedding dancing. Styled with a bold pair of socks & a mid-shade of blue suit trousers, you can't go wrong with this smart yet bold getup. This strong & artful shoe is available in crisp washed brown, tan and blue to match your personal taste.

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Distinct and showy, assertive but not pushy, this Faraday Scotch Grain shoe will not look out of place if you're looking to peacock. For the wedding gent, dark navy trousers & lightly patterned socks would match spot on with these statement brogues. If you're off to a Summer wedding..nail the look with a matching pocket square as well.

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This Base London Men's Fashion Harold Hi Shine shoe is visually arresting, guaranteed to put a sense of menace in your stride. This Harold brogue has a wonderful breadth of ability and is available now in bedazzling Hi Shine Black, Bordo, Tan and Blue. Paired with some simple dark socks and a crisp blue or grey suit - you'd be good to go down the aisle.

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This Base London Men's fashion Noel shoe is the real head-turner from the Dandy collection. It's peppered with bespoke brogue detailing that will not go unnoticed when you enter the room. Available to purchase in debonair Hi Shine Tan, Navy and Bordo. To create a little fashion edge to your wedding attire you can double-up with blue on blue trousers & socks as well to round off the outfit for the day.

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This Base London Men's Fashion Surrey shoe is a brave addition to the County collection, to be worn with an air of abandon for the devil-may-care city gent. Peppered with brogue detailing throughout, this Surrey shoe is available to purchase in decadent Washed Tan and Grey. A bespoke grey-check suit would compliment this style perfectly on the big day.

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Our Analog Hi Shine Bordo is a timeless classic in our formals collection. The red preppy leather textile interiors will kiss your feet every step of the way. This will be a sophisticated addition to your foot locker and will inevitably raise an eyebrow in the board room. Compliment this Base London Analog shoe with rich chalk line suit and yellow cashmere tie. Wear with confidence, walk with punctilious intent for a stylish reception. Perfect for a more dark & rich colour themed  wedding.

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This Base London Men's Fashion Oscar shoe is designed exclusively for the leading man - therefore the Groom himself. Available in authentic Hi Shine Black, Bordo and bona fide Washed Tan. A crucial inclusion for your Spring/Summer footwear, that will prove to be a dependable companion for your wedding suit.