Gwilym C Pugh #WearTheCity Campaign Base London


Gwilym C Pugh

Model / Influencer / Business Man / Ginger



Introducing another collaboration from our XXI Collection - Gwilym C Pugh. After being scouted many years ago on Instagram, since first moving to London; Gwilym has been up to quite alot. He has made his name and more so his face known, by modelling for international brands, such as Duchamp London, Diesel, Bellfield, Dr Martens, Moss Bros, Chevrolet, G-LAB & of course Base London. With Base Londons’ 21st Collection coming up, Gwilym is also showing his love for Base by joining in the 21st celebrations. Here you can see him modelling our Oscar Patent Black - XXI Shoes.


With Gwilyms’ awesomely groomed facial hair, along with his suave, yet hipster style - there’s no wonder his blog ( has taken the city by storm. Documenting his stories and anacdotes about the photos & video shoots he does all around the globe for a mix of leading brands. Now you probably wouldnt of guessed, but modelling isnt Gwilym’s normal job, he has actually built up a very professional career in finance. Surprisingly, he excels at his spare time!


As he jets from From Paris to Canada (And of course our very own London), showing off his beard, it’s safe to say he hasnt got the worst jobs in the world. He has also been graced with being named as one fo the 13 hottest Hottest Male Red Heads ever by Cosmopolitan magizine, which he states has been one of his carrer highlights. Too add to his list of talents he is also a closest musician - playing the harmonica & gurtair for fun.


1. What's the first thing you look for in a pair of shoes?

Appearance first, then stitching and a good quality sole.

2. What's your favourite detail from the Base London XXI Collection? 

The Hi Shine is definitely my favourite.

3. How do you pair your socks with your shoes - where do you start?

Having a slightly longer leg, often my socks show. I tend to go for a more statement sock, either a patterned or bright colour to make the sock stand out and not look accidental.

4. Where do you start with outfit building?

Always with colour and fabric coordination.

5. What's the best piece of style advice you've ever been given?

Fit...Fit in the most important thing. You can have the most expensive, amazing suit and yet if it doesn't fit, it'll never look good.

6. What's the one accessory you can't leave the house without? earphones for sure.


The Fifth Film from the #WearTheCity Campaign

Model & Businessman Gwilym C Pugh, showcases the 'City Professional' side of London lifestyle, with a brisk stroll between meetings, through London's high-rises.

Featured Footwear: Oscar Patent - £79.99